Saturday, August 18, 2018

Too many bugs.

And I'm not talking about being at some sort of "beetle convention" either.   It seems we've gone from ants  to wasps,  and now back to ants again.
Mind you,  I haven't completely sorted out the wasps just yet,  but I'm wearing them down.

The first ant infestation was back a few months ago,  when they were coming in the corner office here,  and that was a whole ordeal of putting out the 'sticky juice' for them to feast on,  to spraying around the perimeter of the house,  to opening up a small hole in the garage ceiling as a double whammy kind of strategy.   Plus,  I've moved all the "firewood"  away from the side of the house,  and spray the shit out of anything that moves. 
Well actually,  a little spray goes a long way.
Plus,  I'm cheap.

See?  Up against the house.  No bueno.
I've moved it all,  and I'm in the throws of cutting up the odd piece in preparation of renting a bigger log splitter than what I currently have.

The wasp situation is right along an opening at the top of the trim over our front window.  Like I say,  I'm working on it.   The trick is to get the spray into the opening,  all the while being on the look out for any stragglers that haven't quite gone to bed yet.   These critters are less active after dusk and before sun-up.   I'm too damned lazy to haul my ass outdoors before sun-up,  so it's the after dusk program I'm afraid.

Anyway,  the numbers have diminished considerably,  but I'm far from done.

Of course,  Travelling Companion wants me to "call a guy",  since she's afraid I'll get stung half to death,  but I figure I can pony up a few bucks for a can or two of "One Shot"  or whatever it's called.

Oh and then,  as we've finally had a break in the weather and the humidity is down along with the temperature,  I figured I'd open a few windows and let some air through the place.   Went downstairs to discover yet another ant infestation.    This time it's the little guys.   Out comes the vacuum,  and then a trip outside to try and figure out where they're coming in.    To quote the late Carl Sagan,  there were 'billions and billions'. 
Well,  maybe a couple hundred.   But you know what I mean.

So that battle has commenced.  Fork!

Oh,  speaking of T.C.,   I hadn't mentioned in any of my previous missives,  that she had been planning a little trip abroad,  and without further ado,  I'll just say right now that...(wait for it)  she's in Nairobi.

Yup,  you read that right.   Nairobi.

That's across the pond.   The one in Kenya.

I'll just let that sink in.

Of course,  that for me makes for an opportune time to get some paining done, which I've finally started today..

Like how I just breezed right on past that subject??

There are actually three different shades of this particular grey,   so I made sure to go around with T.C. and some post-it notes identifying which colour went on which wall. 
See,  painting again wasn't exactly *my* idea. 
Just saying.

I can't say that I exactly "hate" painting,  but it does require a certain amount of motivation.  For example,   T.C. left on Tuesday.   I just started today.

"Why not hire someone?"  sez you?   Well,  I broke down and did that once,  and the guy was so sloppy I resolved to never do that again.   Had to actually tear out and replace a bit of mill-work in the dining room that he slobbered paint on.  Seriously.

I'd tell you a bit more about the Nairobi situation,  except that I've finished my lunch and I really should get back to painting.


Thanks for stopping by. 

And ya,  I'll come back in a day or two.   Promise.


  1. My Mrs freaks out over ants, even the tiny "sugar" ants. A series of "take home to the nest" poison traps seems to have done the job so far this year, but they have been known to make a comeback.

  2. Hoping T.C. enjoys her trip abroad.
    Know what you mean about the Wasps. Years ago Raid made a good Wasp spray that you needed a respirator to use but as the Wasps flew through the mist they dropped like rocks. It got pulled from the shelves saying that it wasn't Environmentally friendly. Guess they never got stung before or they wouldn't have pulled it.
    Good job with the painting. When you take pride in your work it is always better then the Professionals.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  3. Now you having fun by yourself and the big decision each day is to pain or not to paint. Maybe a cold beer would be better ya think?

  4. Ants, some kind of hard shelled crawly critter, moths--we have them all right now. I'm with you on the painting--have to be motivated!


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