Saturday, October 1, 2016

Here it is October, and I've been mute.

Seems that most of anything I have to say revolves around "stuff" around the house.  Hate to say it consumes most of my time,  but that does tend to be the way it goes.
We've been having a bit of a blow for the last few days,  including a whack of rain.  There has been flooding.  Thankfully not affecting us.  I'd like to think I've taken all the steps necessary to mitigate any flooding here at the Ponderosa,  but we're in a neighbourhood where the storm drains and sewer drains all FLOW TOGETHER.   No bueno.   Resolving that issue would be a somewhat major undertaking I would think.  It'll never happen.

Now, in spite of the huge system that has been dumping on us,  there was a break in the rain yesterday long enough for me to finish off yet another project.

Yes,  we now have a section of fence between us and our neighbour.  There's a plan afoot to put some sort of plant there that needs not only lots of sun,  but also something to grow against.   "Wisteria",  I think it was?   Not my department, although I'll likely be pressed into service to plant the thing.

Oh,  and when I say "finished",  I'm not.    There will be more of this type of fence,  going along the front.   Next year.   Can't wait!   Not.

The neighbour's son came over to compliment me on the look of the thing,  and I did say that I'd not recommend this particular activity as "a hobby".   It's taken me several days,  my goal being to put in one panel a day.    By "son",  I mean a dude who is about my age,  as his Mom,   who lives next door on her own,  is most certainly in her early eighties.  So her "kids" come by fairly regularly to help out. He cuts the grass.

And being on the corner is one of the reasons for the fence.   It would be nice to have an extended garden,  without the thought of someone (usually kids) deciding to take a shortcut across the corner.
The security cameras have definitely been a deterrent in that regard, or at least that has been my impression.
Hey,  I'm not about to sit there watching hours of footage to see if anyone has had to nerve to take a short cut.  It's usually only if there are definite signs,  like footprints in the snow,  or depressions in a way too soft spring lawn.  Or,  when someone is permitted to step on my brand new downspout!   Still pissed about that,  but that's another story.  I think it was someones small child,  but that was before the cameras went in,  and I can only guess from the tiny footprints in the snow.)

And yes,  there are a bunch of rocks there next to the house (in the "back alley")  that I need to sort out.  I'm thinking there will be a rock garden somewhere out towards the corner.  

There was a guy (neighbour I'm guessing) who came by last year some time and offered to "take them off my hands",  but he also didn't offer any money,  so that was that.  Turns out,  rocks ain't "free",  even though I did go and collect them off a farmer's rock pile,  and he was happy to be rid of them,  my time and fuel might just be worth something.  Go to the local building supplier and check out the cost of granite.  You'll faint.  Seems to me I said something like, "That much for freakin' rocks?"  and decided to try and go off and collect my own.  Needed them for the pillars I built.

Supposed to go sailing tomorrow.  Not too sure about that.  That lake looks pretty damned angry right about now.  I'd prefer that the last sail of the season not be the worst sail of the season?  Just saying.

Maybe we'll just meet for a cold beverage and a few snacks.  

That's about it for the time being.  Thanks for stopping by.  Keep those sticks on the ice.


  1. Owning a home is definitely time consuming. There is always, and I mean always, something that needs to be done. the fence really does look good. Moving rocks around doesn't really sound like much fun so I hope you get to have your cold one.

  2. Fence is wonderful, looks like you have been busy.
    I think the beverages and snacks will be more fun than sailing in this weather.

  3. Looks great! One of the things we've found out about corner lots... folks walking their dogs sometimes forget that not only the crap, but the urine can destroy any hopes of lovely landscaping. There's something about living on a corner that seems to attract every dog to hike its leg and water the bushes. Go figure.....


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