Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Ah yes, another birthday.

And you know,  there was really and truly only one birthday that was somewhat disconcerting, shall we say?  And that was some thirty years ago.
I don't know, I guess I had some ideas as to what I thought I should have been doing by then,  and clearly hadn't managed to accomplish that.
Silly bunt.

Meanwhile,  seems when you hit a certain age, (OK fine,  I turned 60 today,  and according to some , "Just a baby")  .... you can look forward to certain discounts.

And that,  Ladies and Gentlemen,  is exactly why Travelling Companion and I will be taking a little train trip out East in a couple weeks.    I'll try and keep y'all posted.
We had been wanting to get out East for some time now,  but had to take a bit of an emergency trip out West back in July,  and that was just enough air travel to make the thought of going most anywhere else by air less than enticing.  That's the best way to put it.
I don't mind the flying part.  Matter of fact,  I love the flying part.  It's the rest of the crap that makes my anal sphincter get all twitchy.  And you know exactly what I'm talking about.

So,  there was talk of taking the train,  but then,  I had to wait until I turned 60 to get that coveted discount.
Plus,  it's been so bloody hot this summer,  that I'm now trying to finish up a few jobs that I really wasn't motivated to tackle in the stifling heat.

Just "stuff" like,  I really need to paint the trim on the shed.  It's coming up on a couple decades old these days,  and looking a little worn.  Stuff like that.

At first blush,  train travel can be heaps more expensive than getting squished into the tiny seat of an airplane.  HOWEVER,  if you apply that wonderful "senior's discount",  and pick certain travel days,  it's actually just about the same price. This revelation is according to T.C.,  who just today was doing a side by side comparison.  AND,  the plane trip would have involved a stop over in Montreal as well.
Sooner take the train.
Don't worry,  I'll take pictures.
It's a "day trip" to Montreal,  and then we have a cabin reserved for the overnight on to Halifax.  Hopefully the trees in New Brunswick will still have their leaves on when we pass through the following morning.   Much more civilised I'd say.

Oh, and there was also something to do with going on certain days.  Like we care.
*pfft* we're retired!

So,   got a gaggle of cards for the birthday.  A few gifts here and there.  Plenty of greetings on the Book of Face and,  although it wasn't planned as a birthday present,   I did coincidentally pick up something last week that did turn out to be a pretty awesome birthday present.

Well,  I certainly couldn't ask for anything more.

Here's a pic:

Not bad, huh?

Sure makes coming up for something for "sixty-one" a bit of a challenge.

After passively shopping for something for neigh on three years now,  we finally pulled the trigger on something.  Very early in my searching,  I discovered that these things are almost like rare comic books.  Hard to find,  unless they're all dog eared and "rode hard and put up wet".

I did go out and lay my hands on a couple,  but nobody wanted to budge on the price,  so I walked away.  And, I had looked at other vehicles,  like the RAV4,  but then I warned T.C. that I'd likely need a trailer.  She wasn't keen.

The fellow that I bought this through did lend me his Tacoma,  which was cute and all,  but it did seem just a wee bit small.  Or something.  I couldn't quite put my finger on it.  It might have had something to do with the fake hood scoop.
It looked very similar to this one:

I'm not sure what they're trying to prove here.  I opened the hood.  I looked.  It's fake.  What gives?

Anyway,  'nuff about that.  You'll be seeing lots more of this vehicle I would imagine,  as I do tend to keep vehicles for a long time.  Like,  had I not sold the '03 to my nephew,  I'd still have it.  He does,  and it's still a fine working truck. It's got a couple bumps here and there,  and he did admit to a bit of "truck envy" when I showed him this newer version.
This one does have a few more "bells and whistles",  and gobs of places to store your stuff.

Like I said.  'nuff about that.

I'm out.

Keep your stick on the ice.

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Hey the happy Birthday thing again and like your new wheels, very nice enjoy.
    Train trips are fun as is the east coast.
    Cost more than our house is worth!

  2. Happy special day! Now that was a great gift for certain. And yes 60 is just a baby! Time to syart planning what you want for your 65th, now that is THE celebration.

    Congrats on your 60th.

  3. Congrats on your Special Day and your new purchase, Hope you've had a chance to enjoy both.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  4. Happy Birthday, lovely present! Time to take advantage of all '60' rewards!


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