Thursday, October 1, 2015

Time to put away the flip-flops.

Or in my case,  sandals. 

I don’t think I’ve ever worn flip-flops,  and it has nothing to do with some sort of sense of propriety, but rather due to the fact that I can’t handle having that little thong-like bit between my toes.


We haven’t quite put the heat on just yet,  but we’re getting mighty close.  Having the fireplace insert has been a joy,  although it hasn’t quite finished “off gassing” all of the newness.  A bit stinky.



After a certain amount of study,  as well as a bit of guidance (even though it was somewhat vague) from a local gas insert retailer,  I was able to sort out the placement of the “fire logs” in such a way that it made sense,  and there were no parts left over. 

Always best when there’s no bits left over.

That little bag there is something called “rock wool”,  which I then stuck in here and there to simulate “embers”.  It does a pretty good job too.

Next on the agenda will be figured out the placement of the slate tiles we ordered a few weeks ago,  and which I picked up the other day.



Of course,  slate is notorious for not being very consistent,  so there will be a certain amount of head scratching I’m sure.  “Normal” tiles would have been much easier,  but since when have we ever done anything quite “normal” here at the Ponderosa?


That’s about it I suppose.  Just a snippet.


Bundle up.


Thanks for stopping by.


  1. A gas fireplace insert kept us warm during Sandy when we had no electric for 9 days. Hopefully Joanquin keeps turning right so we only need it for ambiance.

    They do look nice.

  2. The inserts are very nice easy to use and a wonderful heat source.

  3. You will really like the gas insert but just be certain your CO2 detector is working properly. Had ours go off when we had the house. Insert burner needed adjustment.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  4. When we lived in Ohio, we had a gas fireplace-very nice. Now I am just hoping to be able to turn off the AC soon.

  5. Now if I could just fit one in my RV... ;c)


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