Saturday, October 3, 2015

It was a blustery day.

And pretty much still is. 


I got a chuckle when I saw the sign Daughter Number Two had drawn for work today.

pooh and piglet

(she works at a deli)



Being out that close to the water was one of those “hang onto your hat” moments.   


As it happened,  I took a little drive over to Bronte Harbour,  mostly just to get turned around,  and happened to notice something not quite right at the boat.



Not sure how the darned sail cover managed to work its way just about clean off,  but thankfully it had wrapped itself around one of the shrouds.  I saw no point in trying to wrestle the thing back on in the strong wind,  (it’s mostly there to protect against the sun,  and we had damned little of that) so I simply removed it the rest of the way and pitched it down the companionway (the hatch).


The thread holding the front zipper is somewhat pooched,  so it’ll need a wee repair job over the winter methinks.

I cinched up a couple of the sail ties, tightened the main sheet a little so the boom wouldn’t slap around,  and left.

There were some other folks there sorting out lines and bumpers,  and as I was heading home I caught a glimpse of the owner on his way to the slip.  I left him a message as to where his sail cover was.


There was supposed to be a “pursuit race” today, for which we had decided earlier in the week that we wouldn’t have enough crew,  so we weren’t planning on going out anyway.   

There were absolutely no vessels on the water.  It was a foregone conclusion that the race was cancelled.

There was only one other time that I recall,  at the tail end of Hurricane Juan,  when we were told to come off the water by the Coast Guard.  I also seem to recall that one or two fishermen were *ahem* fished out of the water that weekend.  It boggles the mind sometimes just how small the boats are that those guys go out in,  and also the types of conditions. 

You wouldn’t see me out there.

Today’s conditions were even worse than anything I’ve ever seen up to this point.   And we’ve been out in some pretty nasty sh*t. 

It’s called “experience”, most of which is bad.


Still liking that insert.  Just playing with slate tile installation ideas.   And yes,  there’s a Carbon Monoxide detector just to the left of that photo.




Thanks for stopping by.

Keep your stick on the ice.


  1. Heck we were having trouble walking across the parking lot with bags of groceries to hold us down. We won't have tried being along the shoreline.
    Be safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. I like the one with more color in it in the middle... It picks up the colors in the fireplace brick... Good catch on the Main cover.. Owner will be impressed that you care enough to go check things out...

  3. Was a tad windy, (Land yacht is like a huge sail in the wind) on our journey yesterday as well, glad we weren't going too bad.


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