Friday, February 6, 2015

We have a wiener!

Well,  that doesn’t really make any sense,  unless you have an understanding of some of the “family speak” that we practise around here from time to time.  Of course,  when I say “we”,  I mostly mean “me”.  

It’s been a bit of a hunt,  but I’ve managed to find the stain to match the dining room set.



I’ve probably driven past this place on Speers Road in Oakville a number of times.  Never noticed. 

Of course,  Speers is some sort of street from Hell,  as it’s two lanes each way,  with a speed limit of 60 k.p.h. (about 38 m.p.h.) which is rarely observed,  with no turning lane.   Swell.

Anyway,  this was only after visiting two other places,  the first of which actually sent me here.   Seems the young lady who sent me here had worked there.  As she put it,  and “hadn’t left on good terms.”   Curiously,  when I mentioned this to the folks at Speers Paint,  they didn’t seem to offer than impression.  Maybe that was her take on things.  But let’s not digress into the human psyche.  This Blog ain’t about dat.



It looks like “Ola Masters”,  but it’s really “Old”. 

They had a huge selection.   “Vintage Burgundy”.  Who knew?  I think though when we ordered the set,  they used some sort of Mahogany term.  Whatever.

Of course,  I haven’t quite finalised all of the minor little design features,  and I’m still in “speaks” with T.C. on that subject.  We could probably resolve the tension between Russia and the Ukraine in the meanwhile. We’ll see how the negotiations proceed.


Then it was off in the complete opposite direction,  with T.C.’s new fancy machine along for the ride,  as there were some questions the answers to which didn’t seem to be jumping out at her.  It’s definitely more complicated than any woodworking tool I’ve ever used,  that’s for sure.  Although, not nearly as dangerous and potentially digit severing as something like a table saw.


The lady there was very knowledgeable.  I was paying attention,  but by now of course I’ve mostly forgot.  Had something to do with just one little setting being off by one notch.  Something like that.   But she made the thing work just fine.  She did admit that it can be a bit “bouncy”,  but the remedy is to simply set it back from the edge of the table a bit.


It has that little “hole” for the cut off fabric to fall into.  So it needs to be out near the edge.  We’ll have to come up with something.

No segue here,  just random stuff.


I’m wondering if the mail man is going to take the hint that I left for him.  I’m just getting fed up with delivering someone else’s mail is all.  I suppose I could apply for a job, but I don’t think Canada Post is hiring.

I’ll be watching.



The last time this happened,  it was an oriental mail carrier,  and I figured maybe there was an issue with the number Four. It must be confusing trying to tell someone what floor you live on,  considering there’s no number four,  and no number thirteen.  

I think it has more to do with not paying attention,  truth be told.   This has been going on for over 20 years, with every possible mail carrier type.  Just need to learn how to READ.



I think that’s about it for today.  There was a light dusting of snow to clear and I’m already back inside from that.  The wind was pretty brutal at times.  It’s minus “something ridiculous” out,  with a wind-chill of “you gotta be kidding”.


In keeping with the “pictures of food” theme,  I BBQed steaks last night. (yes, outdoors.)  We had that and a salad. 

I don’t mix up the salad ingredients ahead of time.  That way you take what you like and refrigerate the rest.  That’s why it looks a bit odd.





Keep yer stick on the ice.


Thanks for stopping by.





  1. “Vintage Burgundy”

    Got to admit, my first thought was about wine, not stain. But then again, my wife doesn't ever ask me to buy paint or stain anymore after I ruined a restoration project of hers.

  2. I kept looking at all that snow in your photos! ARG! As for the mail... I'd probably thumb through the magazines to see if their were any interesting articles before putting them back in the box ;-)

  3. A little disappointed by the lack of a segue, but the random stuff was interesting all the same!! Steak looks good - snow doesn't...

  4. Oh yeah steak and salad, we had that last night too, and somebody cooked it for me, was amazing!

  5. Great to see you're at least keeping busy and finding lots to do with all that snow around - argh!!


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