Thursday, February 12, 2015

And this is the way it all unfolds.

Or, just how you can waste a heap of time trying to get out the door.

Hands up anyone who has had this happen to them.

Here we go.

I think it was Tuesday morning.  Heading out. Looking to not make more than one trip out to the garage.  And then,  just like that I can’t find the car key.  Not going to take the other one,  since I *know* it was right there on the kitchen counter.  I had picked it up,  taken it with me, but it’s no longer in my pocket.  


(Turns out it never was in my pocket, but I’m getting ahead of myself.)

So,  you know the routine,  retrace your steps.  Well, I think I was starting to wear a path, I was retracing those steps over and over again.  Then I’m getting kind of hot and uncomfortable,  since I’m bundled up to go outside,  but that’s another story.  (not as cold as it’s gonna get in these here parts,  I hear.)

That whole, ‘lazy man’s load’ usually means taking out an empty beer bottle, (or maybe two if I’ve been a bit thirsty the night before)  possibly a coffee to go, or possibly some garbage or recycling or whatever. 

All with only one trip.  Don’t want to be coming back in unnecessarily!   Because that would be you know,  a waste of time!

Maybe I need to keep a cardboard box by the back door?


Then I realise,  I had taken a bag of spent Tassimo discs out to the box that I’m about to ship off to be recycled. 

Have I ever mentioned this? 

Well,  there’s a company out in Ajax that will take these things and make them into….stuff. 

Annoyingly,  they’ve just changed a couple things,  and will no longer be accepting waste from individuals such as myself after March 31st, but that too is another story.   I’ll figure something out.  I wasn’t going to sign up to be one of their “public drop-off” locations. 

As if.

I must have had the key in my hand,  along with all the other junk.




Turns out I was about to ship off my car key.  Of course,  getting the car to run in the first place would have been a challenge.  I had closed up the box again,  but hadn’t started with the packing tape.  That was a good thing.

Naturally I recreated this photo,  since I’m not a cyborg and can record all of the retarded things I seem to do on a daily basis. 

That would be too depressing.

I think that was the same day I stepped on that push broom and whacked myself in the chin.  It’s still kind of tender.  Let’s not go there.

It was falling,  I went to stop it with my foot. And whack!






Admittedly,  life around here isn’t always about wandering around in a stupor.  I have been busy making a new top for T.C.’s serger cabinet.  The old top was too small and a bit “bouncy”.   The new one is not only attached to the wall,  but I added a panel on the out feed end with adjustable feet.  It’s rock solid.


It did seem to take a few days,  mostly since I really didn’t want to use brad nails to hold the maple edging in place.  Sometimes it’ll split.   Plus, I didn’t want all those nail holes to fill. 

That involves having to wait for glue to set up before proceeding with the next step.  I’m not in any hurry.



This is when you can never have too many clamps.  Some of which have to be longer than four feet.

Well and,  there’s a certain amount of evaporated time involved sorting out the design.

I searched high and low on line for ideas,  but most of the stuff out there is either finished products,  and/or junk.   So I have to use ‘visual aids’.



I’m sure there’s other nonsense I can come up with to bore you,  but that’s enough for today’s dose.  Oh and,  how many hands was that?


Keep those sticks on the ice.


Thanks for poking your head in.


  1. Kind of like Jim's day of fishing. Some days we're just not meant to accomplish anything. Thank goodness that's an okay thing.

  2. Always something to keep you and us amused, if not busy.

  3. Well, you're never boring.... in fact, that you lose your car keys and whack yourself with a broom just makes me feel better about some of the crazy stuff I do. Maybe one day I'll blog about losing a hard boiled egg.......

  4. Sticks, Ice, I barely got enough ice to fill a water glass.... Rod in Az...

  5. I've had many days like that - forgetting where I put keys is always maddening.

  6. Just too funny! Good thing you didn't tape that box up. Karma smiled on you (this time). ;c)

  7. Yes, "where are the keys?" Welcome to old age!

  8. First I thought...So what happened to that key, then I zoomed in on that pic and there I saw the Mercedes star gleaming in the corner. Not a good idea to recycle car keys. Especially not from a Mercedes. You wanna keep these things close.


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