Sunday, February 15, 2015

Teleportation does exist.

At least in my mind. 

Could have sworn we woke up in Timmins this morning.

It be cold.

Just brutal.

It’s not like we’re “suffering” or anything.  The house is comfortable enough, and I’m sure glad for all the various installations and projects over the years,  most of which were done with the view to making the place more liveable.

Before I put the new windows in this corner room,  reports are that son-in-law would be wearing his toque whenever he was in here.  Especially if the wind was out of East.  “Sash less” windows and all.

Anyway,  there’s no point going on about it.  It’s cold. 



But here’s a brighter thing for you:



We spent yesterday afternoon visiting one of T.C.s sisters in Guelph.  She has this amaryllis that she has been fostering for a few years now.  Goes into the basement in the fall,  lies dormant,  then starts to sprout about mid winter.  She’ll set it out in the late spring.

Do they always get that big?  Maybe I’m just a bit naive.


Tomorrow is “Family Day” in these parts,  which means that some entities are going to be closed,  such as grocery stores.  Which meant Muggins here had to brave the cold to get a few provisions.  Apparently it’s warmer here at the Ponderosa than at the Longo’s just a few kilometers away.  By “warmer” I mean,  it was -14.5 here,  and –16.5 there.  I couldn’t really tell.


So,  hopefully you’re either warm or bundled up wherever you are.

That’s all I got.

Keep your stick on the ice.


Thanks for lookin’.




  1. Well, the amaryllis is gorgeous... but... the weather? it sucks! Years ago I'd bought a lot of underwear from (I think) Damart... expensive... but I could wear them under "dress" clothes when I worked and my office was like a walk-in cooler. I'd be wearing several layers of that stuff if I were where you are!

  2. You really have to get a new plan for these frigid northern winters, Bob. I can see you with an umbrella drink down in the Florida Keys .... well, not really but a cold beer anyway!

  3. I'm amazed that you "got" anything at all with those temps! Where is all that Global Warming when you need it? ;c)

  4. Here in South Carolina we're having our one required week of freezing temperatures. Yeah, big deal but it enough to make me want to move to the Keys or Puerto Rico.


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