Friday, February 8, 2013

Um, no car shopping today.

Unless you’re reading this from a galaxy far,  far away, you no doubt have figured out that we’re getting a wee bit of a snow storm today.  

Even if I were working (perish the thought!)  I’d be doing exactly what I’m doing at this very moment.  The only slight annoyance however was,  I’d be getting ready to head off for a 6:30 a.m. start,  and we would sometimes not know whether the schools had indeed been closed at that point or not.  Or maybe I had missed the memo.

The vehicle I had at the time was a 4 x 4, so getting there was no problem,  but it was considerably less hassle if the whole effort could be avoided in the first place.

Oh,  speaking of vehicles,  I thought I’d include a shot of the “pool car” that Travelling Companion has been driving this week.

Ain’t it lovely?


Oh, right.  I guess it’s a little hard to tell what the heck it is.  It’s a Ford “Escape”.  A name that makes just about as much sense as some of the crazy names I saw on vehicles in Europe.  Like…. “Jumpy”.    Ya,  that’s an actual name I saw on the back of a mini-van.    “Jumpy”?  Like,  “Jack Russell Jumpy”?  or,  “I’m a little concerned you might scratch my brand new mini-van…Jumpy”?   

I had to take it to the gas station the other day to fuel it up.  It’s not bad. Something I would refer to as “a good effort”.  That’s going some, considering I’m not a huge Ford fan.  Take that for what it’s worth.


I see our goofy neighbour is out there with his annoying little two-stroke snow blower.  It’s not like he has to go anywhere.  He’s been retired for almost a decade now,  but he’s the type who will be out there on a hot day watering his driveway.  I’m not kidding.

Um, it could be that he just needs to get the hell outta the house?  See,  his wife really IS goofy.  Like, howling at the moon kind of goofy.

Don’t let on that I said anything…


Makes for good entertainment once in a while though.  We can see the goings on from our dining room.


I’ll admit that I did go out and shovel a path out to the shed,  but that was mostly to check on the ‘trap line’.   We’ve had some mouse activity,  with the accompanying proliferation of mouse turds,  and I decided on a course of remediation.  Traps with peanut butter as bait.  Had one dead mouse this morning.  I’m sure there will be more.  It’s not that I’m all that dead set (wait, was that a pun?) against the mice,  but cleaning up all the crap, along with the smell, tends to get me a little vexed.  And that’s putting it mildly.   And yes,  I do wear a mask when it comes to the cleaning up part,  so ease up.


Sure glad I got my urge to BBQ out of the way yesterday.  Sucks to BBQ in a blinding snowstorm.




This was why I made the trip to Denninger’s…?  Garlic sausages.   *drool*


It ain’t no Weber,  but our trusty old BBQ still seems to work well enough.  There’s a little bit of a “hot spot” that tends to burn the hell outta whatever is over it.  You can see the little blackened area. 

Mmmm,  tasty blackened area. 

“Carcinogens”?  wut dat?


That’s about it for the weather report,  or at least my version of one. 

Snow…with the overwhelming possibility of more snow,  followed by darkness.  

There you go.




Cobwebs do take on a certain charm though,  yes?



Keep those sticks on the ice.  

This time I really mean it.


Thanks for stopping by.




  1. Bob I think its time for a trip to Sicards to pick up the new rig and get your butt down here to sunny South Central Florida

  2. I think Ford has redesigned the Escape and you have the old one from the pool... The newer one is a much fresher design with new engines that get much better mileage.. But the 4x4 in the one your driving seems like it might be welcome based on your weather.....LOL

  3. If you cannot ID the car in the snow-then you have more than enough snow:)

  4. California is the better place - warm and dry!
    The new FORD Escape is UGLY!

  5. Glad it's you in all that snow and not me anymore, I've had more than enough shoveling for several lifetimes!


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