Saturday, February 2, 2013

Home again, home again. Jiggity jig.

I think that’s the expression. Not totally sure.

We. be. here. 

It’s all good.

I suppose I could stop right there,  but that wouldn’t be quite fair,  would it?

The flight was OK,  really.  

A little bumpy somewhere this side of Greenland.  But the pilot had warned us.  Seems to me there was some nasty shit (that’s a meteorological term,  by the way)  that had passed through these parts earlier on,  and the remnants had to be flown through at some point.  By somebody.  It had to be us,  I suppose. 

Truth be told (and when have I ever not?) we’ve flown through way worse.  So bad in fact,  that you dared not raise your glass of red wine to your lips,  for fear of wearing it.   It never got that bad this time around.

We didn’t do the upgrade ‘cause it was just a wee bit too much money.  The configuration of the plane was a 2-3-2 arrangement,  and we nabbed two of the seats on the outside in row 19.  Like I said,  it was OK.

And I have to say this,  the food on Air Austria is actually pretty good.  Surprising,  I know.   I’m not sure how they manage it,  but it does surpass that of KLM,  even though the seating and such on KLM is better.   And really?  At this point I don’t give a rat’s tiny behind.   It’ll be a little while before we see the inside of another aircraft. 

I’m pretty sure of that.



There was something about this that simply made me want to take a picture.  Don’t judge me.  I have these thoughts once in a while.



Without looking at the sign above that says “Toronto”,  I somehow knew by the customers that Toronto was our destination.  You can draw your own conclusions.

Getting through customs was night and day compared to the last time.  There was actually little to no standing.  There were enough agents working,  and I’d estimate it took us no longer than 10 to 15 minutes to get up to a wicket.  At that point,  since we had ticked off the little box indicating that we had goods to follow,  we went off to the area where you would pay your customs duty if there is one.  Once again,  easy peasy.   Took a photocopy of our list of goods,  and said “Welcome Home”.  It was actually….pleasant.  

I did a double check just to make sure we were in Toronto.  Seriously.  There was no grumpiness,  or dumb-assed questions. 



Our view from the HOV lane. 


On certain highways here,  if you have more than two heads in your vehicle,  you can scoot along in the “High Occupancy Lane”.   It does make a huge difference,  especially when the other three lanes of traffic are parked.


The rest is self explanatory.




Travelling Companion has had her hair appointment today, we’ve figured out what we’re taking to the SuperBowl party tomorrow,  and life is good.


I’ll bore you a little bit tomorrow with my brief Enterprise adventure.  It turned out just fine,  so it’s not like I’ll be ranting about it or anything.  Although I could probably work it up to a bit of a lather if I really thought about it.

I’ll try not to disappoint.



Keep it between the ditches.


Thanks for stopping by.




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  2. Oops, I think you've got a "pirate" in this comment section. Nice to be home again eh?" So now what? Waiting for spring, I guess.
    Good you had a comfortable flight!

  3. 2/3/2 is my favorite! Sorry did I forget to mention that I had advised Pearson that you were inbound and were to be treated like royalty!

    Hmmm 50 years, PIzza Nova, looks good.

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  5. I'm betting that you are thrilled to be back in Canada. It is nice when the travel is seamless and customs welcomes you back to our homeland.

  6. Welcome home, glad you survived flying in back with the huddled masses. ;c)

  7. Welcome home! You're back in the groove already...planning what to take to the Superbowl party :)

  8. It's wonderful to know you're back home and settling in. Pizza - a perfect way to celebrate.

  9. I hope you get to stay on this side of the ocean for a looong time now! Best wishes to get over the jet lag......

  10. Welcome home, eh!. Cold beer, warm pizza and an ok flight, just need some warmer weather.

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