Saturday, February 9, 2013

The ebb and flow of Blogger.

I suppose if I let it bother me too much,  I’d be just about ready to spit on the floor.  Not going to do it.  Although,  after the dog has raced in and out a couple times,  I just might have to break out the mop and bucket.  Blinding sunshine doesn’t help either.  Doggie tracks.  Big time.

Seems that every few months for no particular reason,  I can’t help but notice that something is not quite right with ze blogue.  (that’s the translated version, btw.)  

Gadgets don’t work. 

Can’t see followers. 

I just figure someone at the Mother Ship will sort it out.  Eventually.   Yes?  Please?



A snowstorm can have a certain amount of charm,  and it all depends on where your priorities lie.  Daughter number two and her hubby took off for work yesterday morning,  but in fairly short order they very prudently decided to come back.  Most of the day was spent lounging about,  interspersed with driveway cleaning.  If you don’t have to go anywhere,  there’s certainly no mad rush,  and I don’t think I broke a sweat. 

Of course,  that was interspersed with the entertainment that we always get at the corner of our street out in front of the house.   There are usually at least two things at play:  People need to buy snow tires,  annnnnd  they can’t drive in snow to start with.  I won’t mention any issues with the possible ethnicity of certain individuals.  That wouldn’t be prudent.   It’s grade 10 physics,  that’s all.   You know,  having to do with kinetic/potential energy,  and Newton's laws of motion?

Well,  it doesn’t help to have fancy schmancy low profile tires either.  You may as well put on racing slicks.  Seriously.  Good clean fun for us though!

“Hey,  lookit that idiot!  Har!”   You know.  Like that.


Oh, and not that you should get the wrong idea about me or anything but,  I don’t push.  Sorry.  Getting stuck on a perfectly flat surface only because you’re about as bright as an ashtray?  Not helpin’ ya.   I’ll get behind the wheel and drive it out for you,  but I won’t push.  I need my spinal column for other things.  Remaining upright comes to mind.

And I have offered to help.  You know,  over the years.  Some folks don’t want you driving their vehicle which,  considering they don’t have the common sense to put snow tires on their vehicle to protect it in the first place, is a bit of a quandary.  To them I bid a “Good Day”,  and go on my merry way. 

Hey,  I offered.  Don’t want my help?  Chuck you Farley.


Anyhoodle, interspersed with the vehicular entertainment outside,  along with a bit of shovelling now and again,  I got it into my pea brain that I once again want to have an operable telephone out in my garage shop. 

Our phone service here is through our cable,  so we have something called VOIP.  Works fine, really.  Plus it means that any call in North America is a local call.  Some of us have been known to be a bit chatty.  Having all calls as local calls works,  trust me.

Well,  a while back there was some sort of an issue (this was when we were still back in the Old World)  and a service tech came in and got things “sorted out”.   I think there might have been an open ground somewhere?  Not really sure.   All of our phones are cordless little gizmos these days anyway,  so it’s not like I need the whole place wired for a two line phone system like it used to be.   However,  his grandiose solution to this situation was to simply disconnect from the rest of the house and only wire up the one phone in the kitchen. 


I mean,  I could take a cordless unit out to the garage shop, but I like my old fashioned hard wired phone,  that LIGHTS UP when it rings.   See,  if I’m wearing ear defenders and operating a router at about 80db,  I ain’t gonna hear no phone.   But,  I can see it if it lights up. 

Well, eventually. 

Maybe I’ll thrill you with a demo of that one day.  OK, maybe not.






Somehow the “after” shot looks just about as messy as the “before”,  and I sure wish I could find the cover to that terminus.   Not that we’ll ever use those lines again,  but I don’t like it uncovered.   Best not to look up, then I won’t see it.


Unfortunately,  the ‘lightem up’ phone doesn’t have call display,  so once in a while I do get suckered into answering to a phone solicitor.  But that’s OK,  I just put the phone down and switch on whatever ear shattering power tool that they interrupted me from using.  Funny how they’re no longer on the line when I get around to chatting with them?  It’s just a mystery.

Hey, it’s my phone.  If I don’t want to talk right away, they can’t make me.  So there.


Today was a bright,  sunny and slightly cold day,  so that was a nice change from the snow day on Friday.  Got a call in the fore noon from one of my brothers in Nova Scotia.  They’re getting it.  Big time. The snow in Nova Scotia tends to come down sideways as it is,  and he did say he could see his barn once in a while.  He was camped out next to the fireplace.  Sounded like a good plan.


Hope your weekend is a warm one,  wherever you are.


Thanks for moving your eyes back and forth.  

Did you see that coming?






  1. It seems that most of the unexpected quirks of Blogger seem to sort themselves out given time. I think sometimes Goggle just lets the Gremlins run wild for a while before reining them in...just a theory of course. Glad you got the snow and we don't - sorry, can't lie.

  2. Bright as an ashtray...I must remember that one. Applies to a few people I know.

    Boston got it big time. Nice and sunny and hot here in Mission, TX.

  3. A little sauce on those wires and you'll have some spaghetti!

  4. Sunny on the snow here in Rocky Point. I somehow miss out on google weirdness, maybe because I don't blog every day, or even every week. Catching up day here, nice to visit with you...or as you said so eloquently, moving my eyes back and forth.

  5. I just put telemarketers on hold, they eventually realize I'm not there and hang up.

  6. I can't blogger to load any pictures from people's blogs. So it's fun to use my imagination to see your wires. I'm just glad we have no snow to drive on down here. Works for me.

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  8. Hahaha, I saw it coming Bob.
    I always had a phone in my workshop too, speaker phone was good so I could talk and listen handsfree.
    Looks like a little spam sneaked in on ya.

  9. Sometimes I think the Google blogger people let a few things fall apart just to get their jollies watching us get up and arms about it. I admit, I get upset too.

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  11. Fynny how much difference there is between Wiener-land and home, huh?
    And yeah, there are idiots out there who can't cope with snow under their vehicles. Let them.


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