Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Some days it's down to this.

There it is, my big accomplishment for the week. I've managed to fill my groen afval (green waste) containers.
Actually, this is more of a problem than an accomplishment, since there's more "knippen" to do, and I have to stop, since there's no place to put it....
There's a lot of bushes around this place that seem to be in constant need of getting trimmed, and the grass clippings alone can sometimes fill an entire container.

At least these things will be emptied first thing tomorrow morning.

On another note.....I like to compare living here with sailing. Long periods of relative inactivity interpersed with frantic goings on, since now we wait. We wait for our company to arrive on Saturday. We wait to hear when and if some sort of official word will be given as to our relocation. Can't very well make plans for a move without the ever important contract.

The weather has been somewhat questionable the last few days, (like that's a surprise) so heading out too far on the bike is not really right up there on my list of things to do, so I've been keeping to store visits and that's about it. Besides, I don't even really feel like going over to the driving range. Maybe if we can go together later that might be an idea.

The excitement is almost more than I can handle.

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