Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Off to Birmingham.

Heading out this afternoon for the airport. Won't be doing the "long term parking" thing though, thank-you.
Looks like the weather will be half ways decent into the weekend, but we're taking our umbrellas just the same. Also no need for any shorts....
I've been spending half my time this morning sorting out directions and maps here and there, since we need to go out to Shrewsbury for a gathering on Friday night. It's in Shropshire.

I love that name.

Pretty sure I already made a reference to the "Shropshire Slasher" a while back. No such person actually exists. We'll be staying at The Prince Rupert.
And for those who desperately want to track us down in the meanwhile, we'll be at the Ramada in Birmingham for tonight and tomorrow night.

Meanwhile we've been getting our fair share of rain here this morning, which I probably wouldn't mention except for one minor thing.
Parts of my skeleton has turned into some sort of human barometer.


Once upon a time, I recall my dear ole' Mom making off hand comments like, "it must be going to rain". Now, I didn't really have any opinion about these types of pronouncements, since I just figured well, aren't middle aged people kinda goofy?
Turns out she was referring to the pain in her joints.

Who knew?

By this point the Tylenol has kicked in, but for a while there this morning, I could have sworn someone had taken a baseball bat to first my left knee, and then my right hip. I think there was a bit of a competition going on there.

Oh man!

Now really, with today's modern weather gathering technology, I fail to see the need to be able to tell what's going on outside by the relative pain in my joints. C'mon!
I realise that running around on concrete for the last say, 25 years? means that there are a few things that are starting to wear out, but I thought for sure I'd be well into my seventies before needing any replacement parts.
Hopefully the drugstores don't run out of pain killers anytime soon.

Getting back to the journey, there will be further snippets as the situation develops, but for now, that's about all I can comment on.

I'm not carting this computer with me, so hopefully there will be something with a keyboard that I can use over the next few days.
(oh, and not one of those crazy assed French keyboards either!)

Keep yer sticks on the ice.

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