Saturday, July 4, 2009

Break in the weather.

It's been a tad on the warm side the last few days, but on Friday the weather finally broke, with the usual rush of air along with the ensuing rain storm.
The flowers around the house seemed to have been doing OK in spite of no rain for at least a few days, but I'm sure a jolt of water didn't hurt.
Now, I should mention that on Thursday night, after we got home from hitting the stores in Hengelo for "shopping night", the door bell rang. It seemed awfully late for anyone trying to put the bite on us for a donation, and it turned out it was our neighbour, who noticed that we "were still up" (forgot to close to front curtains...dammit) and stopped by to ask me if I wouldn't mind joining them on Friday morning to go over and sing Happy Birthday to one of the neighbours across the way.

I have very little shame, so I agreed.

Here we are at the street corner, after donning our hats. You'll note that there's no actual photo of me with a hat on. You'll never see one either.

He seemed pretty spry for 75, and he and his wife asked me to stay behind for a few minutes so we could chat. (the Dutch love to yak)
This is his wife here, along with their dog, who tried to join in in the singing....
So along with the singing, it's also good form to bring along flowers. I took my camera instead.Not much of a punch line I'm afraid, but other than the rain storm in the afternoon, that was pretty much it as far as excitement on Friday.

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