Friday, December 8, 2017

OK. Two things.

First of all,  Thursday Night Football is starting to piss me off.  I'm not sure if they have the same crew officiating every Thursday night or whatever,  but there were some head scratching moments when even Chris Collingsworth  (one of the announcers,  for the rest of you) couldn't figure out what was up.   And I'd venture to say,  he's a pretty knowledgeable guy.  Can't say the same about myself,  but if it's pointed out to me,  then I get it.

Plus,  even though I went "five for five" a few weeks back,  with a decent payout to then justify sucking for the rest of the season,  I'm getting a bit fed up with not being able to "get" that Thursday night game.  Man!

And now,  here's the other thing:

And this may be further proof that I'm an idiot,  but I'll say it anyway.

I keep forgetting to check for "Comments awaiting moderation."   


So,  for some of you who couldn't figure out where the heck your comment went (hello, Bea!)  I do apologise.

Sorry.   (insert sad face)

Now,  for the other 80% of you   (and no,  I'm not exaggerating here)  who filled up that field with utter crap?   Go f**k yerself!   Geez!

You know,  after the first eight to ten times that you try to clog the blog with some bullsh*t message and it doesn't show up?   Maybe you might like to reconsider your marketing strategy?

Just saying.

Now go away.

Not the rest of you!

Thanks for hanging in there.

Enjoy your weekend.  Or whatever.

Every day is Saturday around here,  except of course for that whole "shopping on the weekend" thing.   You kidding?   Not unless I'm desperate. 
Too many people shuffling in the aisles.   Many of them,   OLD ENOUGH to be doing it during the week!

OK,  back to normal breathing.


  1. I gave up watching sports many years ago and don't miss the frustration anymore,
    Those spammers can be annoying, I have moderation set for postings 3 days old, so that catches most of them.
    I have always preferred to shop during the week, even when I was working Usually weekends anyway. Early in the morning and a weekday is wonderful!

  2. I have had occasion to check some very old postings and found some of them to contain several (dozens) of those postings of which you speak. A surprising number of them offering unsolicited roofing advice and services. Along the same lines our house phone is getting 3 - 4 calls per day from Mike, the Viagra salesman for "USA Pharmacy". That's getting old as well!

  3. Just chill and enjoy this Christmas month. Bah humbug to you those bugging you.


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