Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Fun to watch.

Which is exactly what T.C. said this morning as we sat with our morning coffee watching "the show" unfold outside.

We had our first snow fall.  We've had earlier ones in the year,  and who knows if this will stick around.  I don't mind a little snow at Christmas,  but then it can go.

I'm not even sure I'm willing to get off my arse and take a picture.  Y'all remember what snow looks like?   Good.

Oh wait.

Got a notice from Amazon,  Delivery Dude is expected later today.  Drat.  Might have to clear him a path.

I have a broom right by the back door so I can sweep my way to the garage or beyond.   Which brings me to that whole notion of "being prepared".

Unknown Neighbour Lady from across the street was observed rooting around in her trunk (and subsequently having to scoop the snow out of there that had fallen in)  looking for *something*.  I'd like to refer you to the earlier mention of,  "The Show".
Turns out,  she was looking for a snow brush,  which was in Hubby's vehicle.   No sign of Hubby.  Sad lot.

Winter comes around every year,  at least it has for the last 61 years that I've been on the planet,  so why wouldn't you have a snow brush?  She had on winter tires,  but no snow brush.

OK,  never mind.

I'm too OCD to not be ready for some things,  and too OCD to not go out and clear off the snow.


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  1. Yup need to be prepared , we have a snow burst in our trunk even though we are in southern Arizona, just never know when I might need it to brush the snow, to sand drifts from the car.

  2. I'm prepared to stay inside until it melts.

  3. Staying inside watching the show is always fun, It can be someone not ready for winter or watching a Newbie trying to park an RV.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  4. I can relay to that because if it is not in my car it is in my husband's. If he cannot find his snow brush/scraper: he will take mine (and not replace it). We had about 7 cm of snow two days ago. It all rained away and now it is -9C without the windchill. Brrr

  5. I rather be watching snow fall than the rain we are dealing with.

  6. Interesting point. I have a scraper in the truck I haven't used in 15 years but I don't think we have one in the new car. How did that happen? Anyway, have a great 2018!


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