Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Oh Boy.

And I don't quite mean,  "OH BOY"!,  but more like the way Fred Flintstone would say "Oh boy",  when he wasn't too thrilled.

I'm talking about this.

And it was my idea.  Truth be told.


Took us a couple years to empty the last one.  Not sure what I was thinking.
Anyway,  nothing all that new and exciting here at the Ponderosa.  I've been meaning to write...

Shameful,  I know.  There are so many fine upstanding bloggers out there who,  in spite of slaving laboriously over a well worn pair of hiking boots, (or whatever busy activity they've filled their days with) are still able to sit down at the keyboard and spout off about it.

Or other things.

I find that,  as the evening wears on,  I become more and more inclined to say,  go to bed.
Or sit like a lifeless lump.

In my defense, I have been keeping myself somewhat busy.

One of my sisters-in-law had a 65th birthday,  so I made her a little cedar planter,  thus:

I thought I had a better picture somewhere,  after I installed the little base,  but I guess not.
She was happy with it.  I mean,  what do you get a sixty-five year old person?  Especially one who has an abundance of plants?

Then,  while I was in the mood (like,  really)  I thought I'd make a planter for out on the porch for Travelling Companion.   She's been eyeing the "store bought"  plastic things,  but there was no way one of those was coming home with us.  Oh right,  buy one ugly plastic thing for a hundred bucks,  and get a second ugly plastic thing for "half off".   Now THAT'S tempting.

So this was my substitute.   

I offered to buy something to put in it,  but it seems that Mother's Day is coming up, and one of the offspring will be expected to sort that out.   
Whatever.   So it sits there empty.   For now.

In case you were wondering,  this whole post is going to be about "sh*t that Bob has made".   Just so you know.
'Cause there's more.

There was also a request for a little item for the sewing room.  Seems I can't make the room any bigger,  even though that would be kind of awesome.  So,  we have to make the best use of what's there.

Started out as a small project,  but then morphed into something a bit more than that.

Any guesses?

How about now?

And by the way,  it took me a couple tries to figure out how to make the jig that would allow me to drill holes at a 10 degree angle.  Oy.

This last one should let you figure it out.

There had to be enough room on the spindle for both the thread AND the accompanying bobbin.

There's more,  but now even I am getting bored just talking about it.

That's enough of making you move your eyes back and forth.  But hey,  thanks.



  1. I'll take one of each please. Maybe two of the planters. Just in case you need something to do. You are amazing, Bob

  2. I'll take one of each please. Maybe two of the planters. Just in case you need something to do. You are amazing, Bob

  3. You are keeping busy playing in your wood shop. not much more of that for me as my shop went away...

  4. Your planters are beautiful. I'd like to see that first one close-up... are those sides all interlocked by the way the wood is cut? I saw that Bill had resurrected his old "Wood" magazines, along with a folder he'd complied years ago on making bird houses... Do you keep all that "stuff" for later use?

    1. The sides of the first planter are machine cut dovetails. It's a jig I've had for a very long time, and as long as I don't mess with it, I can get pretty good results every time. Every drawer in our house has been cut with that jig.
      And yes, about the magazines. I've culled out a few (hundred) pages of "stuff", but I've kept all my Fine Woodworking going back to the early 90s. Can't part with them, but at least they're stored in a cabinet behind closed doors.

  5. The quality of your work shows in the finished product. Anyone that would rather have the store bought version instead needs to give their head a shake. Good Job!
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.


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