Sunday, May 22, 2016

Just muddling along.

And it seems I've been somewhat busy.
Well, mostly.
First of all,  it's Victoria Day Weekend,  or "May 2-4" as it's also commonly referred to.
It's an obscure kind of Canadian Holiday,  named after a Queen who has been dead for a long time.
As near as I can tell,  it has mostly to do with fireworks.
I don't do fireworks.
Oh,  and going up to open up the cottage.
I don't have a cottage.
But hey,  I did go to Daughter Number One's place to hook up their new dishwasher and range.
Range = easy peasy.  
Dishwasher = meh, not so much.

Like,  instead of listing the parts you have and then the parts you need,  how about including the damned parts I need too?  *grumble*
Anyway,  significant other (of Daughter Number One) and I had to make a couple trips to Home Despot,  first for the compression fitting that was on the list of things I "needed",  and then for some three eights copper pipe,  as the stuff from the previous machine came up about eight inches short.
Hate when that happens.
But,  it's done.

Tried out the dishwasher.  Doesn't leak.  This is good.

The new range is far from anything special, with the rather dramatic exception that the oven part actually works.  There was a promise to bake cookies.
The dishwasher turns out to be pretty nice,  and really,  really quiet.  Like, we had a hard time telling if it was actually doing anything.
And yes,  they wanted white.

After this kind of fun,  I find I'm just ever so slightly tired.  Something to do with lying on the floor, squinting at fittings to see if they leak.   That kind of thing.  Note the knee pads.  Enough said.

Now,  I should mention,  a little while back I "drank the cool-aid" and went over to the Dark Side.  By that I mean,  I downloaded Windows 10.  The proverbial dust has settled at this point,  but in all honesty, I don't recommend it.
Not long after the transition, in order to get things to settle down,  I had to punt out a few programs,  not the least of which was "Live Writer".  
I have to admit that,  I hadn't yet got Live Writer and Google to talk to each other,  but it was still a platform that I preferred.  I suppose I'll have to sort that out one of these days.  So meanwhile, I'm using "blogger".  

Not a fan.

As an aside, one of the programs that I had to punt out was a tax preparation program that Travelling Companion had been using.  Once again,  I don't recommend fooling with that sort of thing AT ALL.
Thankfully,  the information was there,  it was just a matter of reloading the program.
There were a few tense moments.  And I'm completely cutting to the chase here.
Seriously, don't ever do this.  These sort of missteps do NOT promote domestic tranquility.
Let's leave it at that.

Hey,  there's more "stuff",  like our golf tournament last Saturday where we nearly froze.
I'll be back,  I promise.

Thanks for stopping by.



  1. It seemed when we upgraded Kathy's Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 it was a royal PITA. When it had its swan song the new computer came with Windows 10 and it's been easy to use. Even when my beloved XP went with the old desktop and my Windows 7 failed I was surprised how easy it was with new Windows 10. Hope that's the last of the latest and greatest. Why can't they just leave it alone.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. Nice to get the plumbing and wiring done, did you get some fresh baked cookies?
    No windows issues for me anymore 7 years with my Macbook and still loving it.

  3. Never heard the LWE referred to as May 2 - 4. Maybe it's and Eastern thing.

  4. Back in the old days it was easy to buy a new appliance. Now it is so difficult to find one that fits the whole, you forget about colour and just be happy you did not have to take a chain saw to your cabinets like my son recently had to when he found the hole for his fridge was 3/8 inch too small!

  5. Great to have old Caretaker-Bob when things need to get installed. F""k Victoria Day! I always have to laugh when I see these historical looking ranges. Isn't it time to retire the model? Coming from Europe I can't fathom what antique technology is used for appliances in North America.


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