Tuesday, March 8, 2016

That'll be five bucks.

Actually,  now that we did all that work to the house,  make it ten.

See,  this house has always been a bit of an oddity,  as it was the “builder’s house” and well,  a little bit unusual for the neighbourhood.  Hell,  for the whole damned country.  Unless you’re somewhere in the Rockies where,  due to some sense of nostalgia,  someone from Austria has built a place reminiscent of back home.

For as long as we’ve lived here,  and probably going back to when the place was first built,  there have always been those who either slow down their vehicle as they round the corner,  or simply stop on the street and gawk.


This is by way of the security system.  T.C. happened to notice these folks,  and I went back and grabbed their image. 

As they’re out walking their pooch,  there’s a very good chance they live in the neighbourhood,  and may very well have one of the 30 or so homes built in a similar style to this one.  Except of course, none of the others have the “chalet” type of addition on the top.
So,  the “five buck” thing?  Well,  for the longest time,  we’d be sitting in the living room,  someone would come by and gawk,  and we figured we should have been levying some sort of charge or admission.  You know,  “five bucks”. 

Kind of like when you happen to snap a picture of some bum in San Juan or somewhere,  and they insist that you should compensate them for a picture. 
Just as absurd.

Meanwhile,  da snow she’s a melting.

I can dig it.

Still kinda sucks to go to bed at night with cold feet,  but that’s more due to the likelihood of poor circulation as much as anything else.  Plus, summer or winter,  it’s a wee bit cool down in the basement,  which is my usual TV watching spot.  Or media files, or whatever.   Actual "TV"  kinda sucks,  but I keep it mostly for the football.

Never going to be like this,  but we can always reminisce.

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  1. The snow's going and the sun shining a bit more temps warming up. Soon you be on that sailboats thingy again, summer's a comin'.

  2. Maybe those folks out in the street are posting a blog about the odd house they've seen? Looks like the snow is almost gone.... that bottom photo is my idea of a good winter ;-)

  3. If you called it eccentric in stead of oddity maybe you could charge $15:)


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