Sunday, March 20, 2016

It's Spring!

Or at least,  that’s the theory.  It’s a bright sunny day,  but it’s still a wee bit too cold out for my liking.  But at least the birds are out and about.  And the squirrels are squirrelly.  I think that means there’s going to be more squirrels.  We don’t need more squirrels,  but I suppose the coyotes don’t mind.

Of course,  since there’s not always a lot on TV that can manage to keep our interest,  one or the other of us typically has a “Gladys Kravitz”  moment,  when we look out and wonder what the heck the neighbour across the way is up to. 
At least I don’t get called Abner.

Or maybe it was “Abnah!”

And no,  neither of us shove our face right up against the window.  Let’s try to be subtle,  shall we?
Mind you,  after several attempts,  I did manage to take something resembling a picture.

Still haven’t quite figured out that camera.  And I might never.   Tried getting closer to the window to lop off the reflection on the right there,  but do you think it would focus on anything other than….nothing? 

Couldn’t figure out what he was doing with the big assed trailer either.  He had it on the street,  and then in the driveway,  and then on the street,  and then he left.   Maybe he was threatening to move out?  
The “lady of the house”  doesn’t seem to be overly ….ambitious.
But hey,  what do I know?  
Maybe he was doing a dry run. 

So,  last week,  right after we did that whole “spring ahead” time change,  it struck me at around noon time that the Generator had failed to start up and do it’s weekly test run.   Then of course,  I remembered that we had set the clocks ahead,  and so now it comes on at 1:00 instead of noon.  And no,  I’m certainly not going to try and figure out how to change it back,  since it matters not a damn to me when it comes on,  as long as it does. 
Have you exercised your generator lately?

 And why is “Daylight Savings Time” still a thing?  I don’t see the point.  And I’m sure if you asked any bureaucrat or politico or whomever,  they couldn’t tell you either. 
Germany and Austria-Hungary first started it on April 30, 1916,  but the subject is too long and convoluted to even give it a second thought.  One theory these days is that it “saves energy”,  but I read somewhere that that one was shot full of holes as well.

It’s a reminder to at least check or change the batteries in your various detectors. 

So it serves at least that purpose.

Our internet has been somewhat pitiful here at the Ponderosa for about three days now,  and I finally had had enough last night and called the tech folks at our ISP.   After some pinging,  or some such thing,  there was the realisation that yes,  there is something not quite right,  and it has nothing to do with our equipment.

Thankfully it wasn't a video call (wouldn't have had the bandwidth for that anyway) so the tech couldn't see me roll my eyes.
I was pleasant and all that,  so don't be thinking I was my usual ornery self.

Coincidently,  and this was after I got off the phone and announced to T.C. that I had them take 20 bucks off our bill,  she said that there had been a cable guy around a few days back,  right around the time that the signal started to get wonky.
Seems a bit fishy.  Think maybe he buggered something up?  
Wouldn't be the first time.
But,  any time there's any issue *whatsover*,   I always go after them to credit our bill.

 Not paying for crap.

And,  even though there are these issues from time to time,  one of the reasons that I don't jump ship and go with someone like say,  Bell,  is simply because I can; A) get through to someone on the phone,  and; B) get some resolution to the problem.  Most times with a credit to our bill.

Try that will Bell,  and good luck.

It’s been a few years since we no longer have anything to do with Bell Canada,  and one of the reasons is that they simply had the worst customer service that one could possibly imagine.  I suspect it hasn’t changed much.

Anyway,  that's today's little missive.  

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. It is nice that Arizona does not do the time change and would be wonderful if we did not keep going through different time zones from east coast to the left coast, That just gets us more confused than we already are.

  2. In order to eliminate window reflection simply zoom the focal point out and no more glare.
    The new excuse for daylight savings time is so the kids don't go to school in the dark (??? They move it forward) and then they have more time to play afterwards.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  3. We were in transit during DST... at least the States were... we weren't... but after a day in the airport and a 4 hour (or was it a 2 hour?) flight... who cares anyway? I'm still wondering about the window shot of the guy next door... hell, my windows are so dirty that I couldn't get a window shot if I tried. So... anyway.. enough said....

  4. Thanks for the generator reminder, haven't run ours since early January. Best check it before we hit the read.

    Don;t like the time saving stuff, where can I sign the petition?

  5. Out here in the wild east we "enjoy" customer service with Bell Aliant. Some nights I have bad dreams about that company and their rotten internet service. They oversold DSL on the island and when kids are out of school our internet goes fishin'.


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