Saturday, January 9, 2016

The days of wine and heartburn.

I’ll lay off the former for a time,  and will likely have considerably less of the latter.
We had 22 for Christmas Dinner on Christmas Eve.

The usual setup.  Put up an extra table. Set up extra chairs.  We’ve been doing “buffet style” for the last few years.  Much more civilized.  Find your own spot.  No complaints you missed out on something,  it’s all there in the kitchen.
This is the only time we wish we had a slightly bigger first floor. A bit busy.  All adults really,  even though there used to be a “kids table”,  I think the youngest kid is possibly 19 or 20 by now. No more kids table.
Some are now finished University,  and gainfully employed.  Time flies.
And now it’s 2016. 
Happy New Year.
We also had a host of overnight guests.  Thankfully there’s enough bedrooms,  bathrooms etc.  Not everyone is underfoot.  Nice to have overnight guests.  Sometimes nice when they’re all packed up and gone too.
Travelling Companion made a lot of breakfasts.  Some were more prompt at having breakfast than others.  We won’t go there. I appreciate that you like to sleep in, just be reasonable.

We did have a four legged guest on Christmas Day.  Daughter Number Two and Hubby didn’t want to leave our Dog-in-law at home for the day.  He’s excited to see you, even if he’s only gone outside for five minutes and then comes back in again, (what is that with dogs?) but he’s now seven,  and a well behaved dog.  Of course,  he knows exactly where he is in the “alpha dog” order of things.  Way down there,  trust me.
Here’s a little secret, I’m the “alpha dog” around here.  And that’s that.

We had mostly a green Christmas, but then did get a bit of sloppy white stuff on the 29th.

It disappeared,  and hasn’t come back.  Been too warm.
I can dig it.  Winter ain’t over.  Not by a long shot.
We haven’t started the countdown just yet,  but I’ll be digging out the suitcases soon enough.

Meanwhile,  I’ll be mucking around with a couple little projects that never seem to end.

Y’all come back now.

Thanks for stopping by.



  1. I can't imagine trying to feed 22 people. Can you tell I came from a small family?

  2. I can't imagine trying to feed 22 people. Can you tell I came from a small family?

  3. I don't think we have 22 chairs. Thanksgiving we have to ask guests to bring a few.

    Happy new year!

  4. 22 eh? And no fights broke out?

  5. Done the big get-togethers years ago and glad they are the past.
    Hold on to your hat they are guessing the next blow is coming all the way from the North Pole. Not much s@#w but cold and windy.
    Now you survived the holidays relax and Enjoy Life.

    It's about time.

  6. Happy New Year, wishing you many fun projects in 2016.

  7. Had to laugh thinking about the "kid's table". There is that transition time when the teenagers roll their eyes if they end up there, in fact one year my middle aged daughter sat at the kids table so her offspring could feel adult. But, yeah...those days are gone. Nice memories, Bob, thanks. and Happy New Year

  8. We have had the kids tables over the years, now coming back with our Grands. Always love the large family dinners we had and even I did with 20 to 30 people, so many years ago.
    Then the frenzy on me catering larger groups as well, thankfully no more.

  9. I loved fixing those big family feasts... would spend days just getting ready. As a little kid I liked sitting in the kitchen at the kids table... we could get by with a lot there ;-) Now, since the kids and grandkids live everywhere from NY to CA, Bill & I make sure we fly off to some place far away before the holidays start. Sometimes, like when I read your blog, I mess those old days.

  10. So you're the Alpha Dog, with TC's permission, I'm sure! :cP

    1. Well, I have been known to get into a bit of trouble for coming down a bit hard on the pup, but it's all part of the "deal". My house. My rules.


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