Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Moments of Clarity.

So we’re slowly getting ready for the Great Escape,  which will be… *thinks* in 12 days.  I think.  Can’t clutter up the brain with too much just yet.
There have been a few little things to sort out up to this point.  Wanted a micro SD card so I can transfer photos to my tablet.   Done.  Wanted some way of keeping an eye on the place when we’re away.  Done.
That one was a bit more involved. 
Just before Christmas,  while on a little shopping foray at Costco,  Travelling Companion and I picked up a Lorex camera/security system.  Or whatever you call it.
I’ve only been looking at them passively for a couple years now.  Couldn't seem to pull the trigger, and T.C. said, “Oh,  just get it!”. 
That’s usually good motivation.
The interface is a bit clunky,  and reminds me somewhat of the Honeywell system we had to endure once upon a time when I was more than just a “Caretaker” in name.  It was really not intuitive.  At least Lorex do have a support network,  and I was able to chat with two different technicians whilst trying to figure stuff out.
There’s an “app” for IPAD,  as well as a program for PC.  So I can sit here,  log in,  and not be bothered to get up off my lazy arse to see who’s at the door.  *snort*!

Oh,  and son-in-law and Daughter Number Two were over last night for dinner,  and he installed an app for the TV downstairs that allows me to see what’s going on without getting off my….OK,  never mind.

Hooking up the system involved running wires in conduit that I had installed (wait for it) back when we had new soffits installed in the summer of 2014.  I had a plan.
And yes I know, it takes me a while to do these “jobs”.  Did I not say I had been looking at systems?  Just couldn't decide.  Take it easy.
There are six cameras,  but eight channels.  Is that like the “hot dog vs bun count” thing?  Why not have eight cameras?   I might pick up one or two at some point if I feel the need.

Running the wires for the last camera on the west side of the house was a bit of a challenge, as I really wanted to run the wire through the narrow gap between the ceiling and the roof.  Damned near impossible really,  except that I had a moment of clarity.

I went to the table saw and made a “bobbin”  for the end of the fish tape,  which I was able to feed down through the rafters.    Or maybe it was more like a “shuttle”,  that you’d see being used by a weaver?  I don’t know.
Whatever you call it, (stick o’ wood?), it worked. 
Felt rather smug about that one.
Of course,  I also fished through a string to be left behind in case I want to pull another wire.  Just one of those things.  Really rather important.

So that’s about it.
T.C. and I are heading out today to drop a small bundle on proper footwear for our stay in Maui.  There’ll be a certain amount of walking I suspect.  My el-cheapo runners that I bought at Wal*Mart in Gillette,  Wyoming last June aren’t really suited for anything more than clambering about on the deck of a boat,  or maybe a brief hike off to the grocery store. 
You gets what you pays for. 

Thanks for stopping by.

And yes,  there’s ice to keep those sticks on.


  1. That camera security sounds like a good idea, now you free to go and have fun in the sun.

  2. I am still waiting for my first moment of clarity this decade:)

  3. You had a moment of clarity? Tell me what it was like, I've never experienced one. ;c)

  4. We've volunteered at places that have those multiple security cameras around... makes me nervous... I just know I'm gonna get caught doing something "un-ladylike".


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