Wednesday, April 15, 2015

It’s here!

Checked on the line this morning, and saw this little snippet.



“Out for delivery”?  What the hell?

Well,  I did manage to get home in time for the delivery, although I just happened to be out of earshot of the Postal Delivery Dude knocking on the door. 

No biggie, since T.C. was able to sign for it.

Um ya,  there was a signature involved.  Made sense to me.

Then when I saw the package,  I realised just how it got here so fast.   Came into Hamilton by air!  Aha!



The image above was taken with the little “powershot”,  which I seem to recall describing on at least one occasion as a piece of shit.  Sorry,  but it is.  Mind you,  it does take better pictures with a clean lens, but only slightly better.



Then there’s that image above,  taken with the G16. 

Huge difference.  Huge.  Look how crisp!

AND,  it has “le weee-feee”,  as the French would say.

Took a bit of mucking about,  and I had to set up some sort of “Canon Image Gateway” thing,  but I eventually managed to sent an image from the camera to the computer avec le weee-feee.


Just some of T.C.’s little plants that she’s starting for the garden.

I mean,  I could have just taken the card out of the camera and shoved it into the damned computer,  but that would have been way too easy.  Why make it easy?

And then,  this is with the telephoto,  same image as yesterdays,  only without the dirt slingin’ young ladies.


Actually,  T.C. said they did a good job.  Maybe I should have hired them? 

Too late.


I shall continue to play.

Well, I might go out and start on cabinet number three.  That would probably be prudent.

Enjoy the rest of your day.  I know I will.

Thanks for stopping by.

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  1. Nice camera and if it has "le weee feee" best try and set it up just for fun.


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