Sunday, September 14, 2008

That was for love.

Didn't get a chance to say much yesterday since we did a little tooling around by car for most of the day.
It was actually a beautiful sunny day, so there was no reason to stay home.
Went to Enschede, and initially thought parking was going to be a problem.
Well, let me tell you, I think we just experienced the largest underground parking that I've ever seen in my life! An entire labyrinth of underground parking has been excavated under a large section of the city, and there were multiple levels! And, there's even a little digital sign on the way in that lets you know how many spots are left. There were 97 left, so then at least you know they have to be in there somewhere...I'm tempted to take visitors there, due to the coolness factor. Of course, one can then take any number of staircases and emerge smack dab in the middle of town.
Huge market. Bought three more umbrellas.
Beginning to realise that if there's some goofy little thing that you need, best to wait, and check out the market, since chances are you'll find it there.


feather dusters.

Now, somewhere in the house I had seen a feather duster, so when we saw them at the market, I didn't see the need to get another one.

I mean, why?

Dumb idea.

Turns out the duster that I caught a glimpse of and then went to retrieve this morning was this raggety-assed short little thing.....which was not received with the greatest of enthusiasm on the part of my loving spouse.

I don't want to talk about it.

It'll be two Saturdays until we can get our hands on a decent feather duster, since next Saturday we'll be in Denmark...
where are those post-it notes?

Now to the title....

Driving to Amsterdam on a Friday afternoon (in the pounding rain) was definitely done for love, but I'll never do that again for love nor money.


I realise there are other spots on the globe where there's traffic, such as the beltway around Washington D.C., or San Juan, Puerto Rico. And you think the GTA is bad...puh! It started to get backed up this side of Appeldoorn!
Left at 3:40 (sorry...15:40) and got to the parking garage at Schipol at 18:15 (6:15 p.m.) Should be about an hour and a half.
Left again at about 7:30, and got to our door after 10.
Admittedly I missed an exit and we were heading for the North Sea at one point, but but when we got back to where we should have been, it was still backed up, so my guess is we didn't miss much.
Plus, due to my error, we did get to go under the Coentunnel, which runs under the "IJ", or maybe it's the "Noordzeekanal", not sure which. All I know is, my ears popped, it was that deep.

Now, if there were to ever be a next time, my cunning plan would be to take the train....and then for something to do....we could stay over in Amsterdam and come home on the Saturday afternoon, since taking a car into Amsterdam is also foolhearty.

Took a couple crappy photos. You get to suffer right along.
I'm tempted to upload the video I took from the car....but my internet signal strength is pretty dismal, so I'll try a short one instead.

There she is!

Today has consisted of getting chewed out over the feather duster, having some breakfast and spending about an hour on the bikes around Delden.
Try as I may, I just cannot seem to get enough air in those tires. Sure glad our bikes are in the shipment.
One thing about Sundays, pretty dead in town, so there's only the odd car now and then. You'd think they were all in Church, but in spite of the reference in the "Church News", it was locked up tight. (??)
A real head scratcher, since even I would have gone in to check it out. Must be tough to get donations when the doors are locked.
Someone will have to explain that one to me sometime.

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