Tuesday, September 16, 2008


So now my heart jumps when the doorbell rings, since I figure it's once again someone in the neighbourhood ready to put the bite on us for some cash.
You'd think that with a 19% vat that most everything would be covered.
We had someone collecting for the Cancer Society last week (I read about it in the paper, so I figured someone would be around) and then last night, some old girl showed up collecting for the some sort of kidney foundation. At least that's what I think it is. Take a look...here
I think it's only you dutch folk (Anja) that will be able to keep up with that site. I'm really only guessing at most of the contents.
So I always give, but a receipt would be nice. That doesn't happen.
The other thing is, I'm sure each of these fine ladies are from around here (it's not that big a town) so one doesn't have the true anonymity of a big city, where instead of ponying up €10,00 now and looking it up later, one might be tempted to tell them to bugger off.
I'm usually a good target for anyone showing up at the door, just don't be trying to pave my driveway or give me a sermon.
Coming away from the deal with at least a chocolate bar would be even better.

Oh! I almost forgot, yesterday during the day the phone rings (always scares the cr*p outta me) and it's some guy from Poland trying to sell me hardwood flooring! I was too flabbergasted to really chew his face off.
I mean, we've had this number for a week.
I so desperately want to rant about the phone company!
But I'm gonna be nice, because it's a public forum after all.

But geeez!

The expectations for today were reasonably low.
Needed to find a dry cleaners, and since we had seen an Intratuin in Enschede, I wanted to motor down that way for a brush for the BBQ.
This is a place that's kind of like a Home Depot/Homesense cross. So, just stuff for for the outdoors. Plants, furniture etc. I did notice that they were putting all the summer furniture on skids and wrapping it for storage.
First I took a drive in to Hengelo to ask the real estate folks where I could find a dry cleaners. These people are going to get tired of me showing up at their doorstep I'm sure. Turns out I've gone past the dry cleaners a dozen times!
They don't exactly advertise.
As a matter of fact, Gabe and I sauntered in there a few weeks back to look around. Looked like a fabric store.
That first one was taken mostly because of the traffic jam... Here's another view
Any clue they might handle yer delicates?

Two really nice ladies in there. Neither one spoke any English. Hey, I muddled along. On the way, as I was going down the street with my bundle of dry cleaning, I realised that I really hadn't memorized my phone number! Egad!
I've pretty much got the long winded address down pat, but it turns out it didn't matter, since ya gotta pay up front.
So they don't give a rat's tiny behind who you are. You just better show up with those tickets. No ticky, no....well, you know the rest.
Even though I had the car, next time I'll still take the bike. Drove around looking for a place to park for so long, I'm sure I could have been there and back on the bike.

Tomorrow....the shipment.

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