Saturday, June 27, 2020

Patience. And a wet vac.

And a compressor helped as well.

I've had a "fun" week.  Nothing major really,  just a bit of a fight with the washing machine.  And Dammit,  I wasn't going to phone a repair man.

So,  there I am,  lounging in front of the idiot box,  with the sound of a load of laundry coming from out in the hallway (whatever you call that area where we have our laundry facilities and boiler) when I hear,  "beep beep beep".   And then,  "beep beep beep".   I mute the TV and no, it's not coming from the TV.   It's the washing machine.  And the display indicates,  "E20".   Da hell?   Didn't need to look in the manual at first to realise that,  something was seriously wrong.

Didn't think to take a picture right away,   but this is after I had already started cleaning up the mess.  Took out the drawer under the cabinet,  so as to place a bucket under the clean out.

Can you see the feathers on the door? 

Yup,  washing a pillow.  It exploded.

Can't think of anyone whom I dislike enough to wish this upon.   Seriously.  Not a fun time.

I've become intimately familiar with the workings of a front load washing machine.  Unlike a top loader,  where there's one drum and an agitator (where your knickers are likely to get wrapped around the spindle)  a front loader has an inner drum (the spinny bit)  and a water tight outer drum. 
Of course,  95% of the feathers were trapped between the inner and outer drums. 
Maybe a repair man (person?) would opt to take apart the two,  but trust me,  it would be a major undertaking.  Probably would cost more than what the machine is worth.
And at first,  it was so packed with feathers,  that the drum wouldn't even spin.  And when I had fished out several gobs of feathers with my highly sophisticated tool, (a bit of hanger wire with a hook on the end) I did manage to get it to spin,  but boy did it ever make some weird complaining types of sounds.

That milestone was like,  last Sunday?  It's all a blur.  I did start this ordeal a week ago.  That I know.

Of course,  T.C. was already looking at new machines,  but there's really nothing wrong with this one,  except that Muggins here didn't check the seams on the pillow that was getting washed. 

Silly bunt.

Naturally,  due to some sort of algorithm,  now all I see are ads for washing machines come up on just about every web page I visit.  Gotta be careful what you search for.  Looking for blue pills?  Ya,  that won't be a secret for long.

Anyhoo,  I think we've finally turned the corner on the feather situation.  There was a time there,  when it would in fact drain without any problem,  but I'd still get a handful of feathers in the clean-out.  I did briefly entertain the thought of hooking up a hose to spray around inside the drum in hopes of dislodging feathers. 

I decided to pass on that,  as I just didn't want one more thing to create a potential mess.

Down at the bottom of the machine there,  just above that bucket,  there's a little doo-hickey that you twist out,  and it's a filter.  It catches all the random coins, safety pins etc. that get past the drum.

And now,  I'm seriously considering emptying the wet vac for the last time,  and turning it back into a shop vac,  and then replacing the drawer under the cabinet,  and putting back the other mobile cabinet that normally resides next to the machine.  Until the control board goes,  or the computer,  or one of the two pumps,  or the belt,  that machine will keep on working.   But hey,  at least I now know how to replace the belt.   The other stuff?  Meh.   We'll let a few years roll by,  and see how we feel about that.

Hope y'all are doing well.

Thanks for stopping by and moving your eyes back and forth.

Keep that stick on the ice.


  1. You and Jim. Just can't let someone else (like a repair person) have the fun.

  2. Personally I prefer the old Top Load Machines. Our daughter has a Front Load and said Never Again. Not worth the cost of the unit and its operation.
    Glad you have the patience.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.


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