Thursday, May 7, 2020

Big day today.

It's garbage day!   Whoohoo!


And,  yard waste,  and recycling,  and well,  it's enough to get motivate me to get dressed this morning.

And,  and.

Well,  that's really the extent of it.

T.C. is making masks for members of the family.  I think she's up to around 25 or 30 by now,  most of which have been delivered.   She did get a request for masks from one of our nieces and her gang,  with the query as to "how much?"   But,  T.C. isn't doing this to make any money,  she's just making masks.  She has all kinds of material,  although we're waiting (and waiting) for more elastic to come from God knows where.  Had we known it was on a slow boat from China,  I suspect we might have tried to source some elsewhere. 

She can manage in the meanwhile.

I swear I see more delivery vehicles roaming around the neighbourhood than....anything.
And that's OK,  as I certainly don't miss all the Moms racing around the corner to get their kids to school on time.   I swear we could just take down the stop sign at the corner and nothing would change.

Of course there are the folks out walking their kids to try and either keep them occupied or at least burn off a little energy.   I'm sure many,  many folks with school aged kids have a new appreciation for the teachers in their kids lives.  Just a thought.

Of course,  there's the odd "Covidiot"  out and about. 

Now,  how do I know?   Well for example,  if the neighbour's "kid"  (he's probably in his twenties by now)  is heading out somewhere with his dirtbike on the back of his pick-up truck?   What kind of "essential service"  would he be performing?

Entertaining the medical staff in the parking lot of the local hospital? 


This was on the front of the local rag that arrived on our driveway yesterday.   And no,  this isn't the "propaganda" one.  Just the local offering that used to have way more flyers,  and now has been reduced to not much of anything.  The big change came after the shut down.

I actually liked the flyers.   But,  now all the stores have that sort of thing "on line". 

I didn't have to read the article to totally get the gist.  Of course we want to shop locally.  We (this household,  and the kids)  have been doing that for years.  Trouble is,  not everyone either can or is willing to go to the extra effort. 

And they say that the Farmer's Market might not reopen for quite some time.  Yikes.   That will suck.

I'd be willing to drive around the countryside seeking out all the farms that would have come to the market,  and doing some sort of "end of driveway"  thing.   I mean,  fuel costs wouldn't be a big deal. 

Anyhoo,  I'm still farting around with the table that I'm stripping.   Just not looking forward to sanding the bendy bits.

Had to take it apart to make it a bit easier to work on.

I do some as I feel like it.  It's not like the little project I had last year when I was "on the clock".   This is for my nephew and his wife.   He's the kind of fellow whom you can call for help,  and he'll be there.  Being as he's a fireman,  he was the guy to call to help with putting stain on the front of the house last summer,  way up there at the peak,  where Muggins here has very little desire to be.

Not only am I not crazy about heights,   but being that far up not just a scaffold,  but a step ladder ON TOP of the scaffold to boot. 

No sir.

Meanwhile,   T.C. tried her hand at making some treats for us. 

Because we're wasting away to nothing. 

Hope you are all well.

Thanks for stopping by.

And all the rest.


  1. T.C. can make treats like that for me any time. People here are heading north in droves. Pretty soon the park will be down to only the hard core summer survivors. Just the way I like it.

  2. Great idea on the end-of-driveway produce stand. Just like the old days. Fresh produce, healthy, helping farmers stay in business and social distancing as well.

  3. Always nice to get fresh produce locally grown.
    TC's treats look inviting. Next thing the local Timmy's will be hiring her.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  4. A ladder ON A SCAFFOLD sounds like instant death to me. Good on you for not doing it. I'll go half way up an eight foot ladder firmly on the ground, but that's about it for me! The treats look really good.

  5. Of course, there's the odd "Covidiot" out and about.

    There's plenty of them around me, of course I'm probably thinking of a different type than you. Mine whine about a tyrannical government and that covid might be a grand hoax.

  6. I'm so happy our farmers markets are going to be allowed to open. No start date yet, but every week the doors open a wee bit bigger crack.


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