Monday, February 17, 2020


I've been remiss. 

Now that I take a closer look,  I see that there have been some comments hanging around in my "waiting for....something or other"  folder,  and at least a couple of them were legit.  So,  if any of you legit commenters out there didn't see your comment show up.  I do apologise.

Turns out,  most of them where just gibberish.  Wondering if I need a car loan,  or some other such nonsense.  Anyway,  I sort of forgot that there was such as thing as comment moderation.  Curiously,  none of them were offering "male enhancement".   Should I feel slighted,  or slightly smug?


Meanwhile,  I'm sure you're wondering in what upside down world we're living,  since I'm on here TWO DAYS IN A ROW. 
O. M.  G....

Well,  there's nothing on TV,  and I thought I'd take a stab at putting the little micro SD card in the side of this here brand new Chromebook that T.C. so very kindly got me for Christmas.   I did use a laptop once upon a time when we lived in Europe,  and lugged it around with me when we made little trips here and there.  But most of my photos are on the PC up in the office,  (which I should be backing up,  I might add)  and I haven't really decided if I want to have pictures on this device as well.   Oh and,  the laptop (an Acer,  I think)  lasted about five years,  and then started making funny noises,  and then ultimately wouldn't fire up.  It was a modified version of "Blue Screen of Death",  and anyone whom I spoke to,  basically said it wasn't worth the trouble to fix.  So off it went,  to Computer heaven.

Oh,  and I have to say,  once I more or less figured it out,  the Chromebook is indeed pretty awesome.  Not nearly as hot as a laptop (better batteries I suspect)  and runs heaps longer on a charge. Just have to get used to the keyboard,  and the "touchpad".  Still not keen on the touchpad.    I might have to suck it up and buy a cordless mouse.   We'll see.

   So,  let me explain that picture.

See,  T.C. wanted me to make her a towel rack.  While I realise that I renovated the upstairs bathroom and there's plenty of room to dry ones towels,  she's not keen on the way that looks.   Don't ask.

Do you think I could find something on "Wayfair"  or Amazon or some such place.   Or even Walmart for that matter?  Nope.

So I've been working on putting one together.  Of course,  I can't find any hint of plans out there (on the net, I mean),  so I had to conjure up something out of my pea brain.
It's painful.

And I realise,  what you see in the picture just looks like a bunch of sticks,  but there's some significance there.

I had completed all the various pieces,  got it all sorted "mechanically" speaking,  and then set about to start the finishing process.  And by that I mean, I broke out the sander.

Horrible,  horrible job.  Dust mask,  ear plugs.  Messy. Noisy.

You get the idea.

And then it occurred to me,  I do have these fancy schmancy hand planes that I try to keep razor sharp,  and shouldn't I be planing the wood to get it smooth???

When I came in for a tea break and mentioned this to T.C.,  along with admitting that "I'm an idiot",  it should be noted that she did agree with me without a moment's hesitation.

But I let that go.

I still have to sand the curvy bits,   but the hand planing program was heaps nicer.   I promise to take a photo of the finished product in due time.

Thanks for stopping by.

Keep that stick on the ice.

And feel free to comment.  I'll make sure to check.


  1. Ice? not this year in Jersey anyway.

    Cordless mouse is the way to go.

  2. Looking forward to seeing some photos as I'm looking for towel bars and I have one of those handy husbands.

  3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  4. Bob, you missed to delete this latest of the commenters, right above my own one here. I take it you are not out for any sort of help with some diabetes.

    Always good to make things after your own ideas and that also goes for towel racks.

    1. Thanks. Need to check back here from time to time. Not as obsessed with the blog as I once was it seems. No need for any medical advise just yet, other than from my own doctor. What a concept!


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