Thursday, December 5, 2019

Well, that was a "fun" day.

Just checking in here.  You may have to move your eyes back and forth a bit. 

For years now,  I've been driving around (in several different countries as well,  but you know that)  relatively unscathed when it comes coming into contact with other vehicles.   There have been a few close calls,  like a couple weeks ago when someone (never did see the driver) decided to come out of a parking garage without looking,  and was within about a foot of my driver's door before the light went on,  realising that there was someone there.   I was laying on the horn the whole time.  It was a "retirement residence",  so your guess is as good as mine.

Now,  that was in downtown Burlington.  I think maybe I need to stay out of the downtown or something,  but we need to go there once a week to get to the Pub.   I mean,  there are some things I ain't gonna give up.

Anyhoo,  last Thursday  (Oh and,  Happy belated Thanksgiving to our American friends)  I was once again in the downtown,  tooling along,  minding my own business,   when a garbage truck driver decided to fling open his door to go back and help his buddy do their thing.   Unfortunately,  his timing was spot on.   Well that is,  if he HAD been aiming to drive his door into the side of my truck.   Isn't there a thing about,  "Be sure and check for traffic before opening your door.?    Well,  he didn't.

It's actually kinda hard to make out in those pics,  I suspect due to it being a white truck. 

Anyhoo,  there's a big ole crease on the passenger door,  the mirror is obliterated,  and the window is kinda scratched to shit.  Oh,  and there's the beginnings of a crease on the second door too.   That sticker there is from the cop shop,  letting everyone know that yes,  pictures have been taken.

Funny thing is,  when I called the insurance company,  at some point the young lady on the phone asked,  "Do you have the mirror?". 

*Snort*!  Um,  there was nothing left of the mirror! 
After waiting for "The Supervisor" and sorting out all the information,  we picked up the bits and threw it all in the back of the garbage truck.  The door of the garbage truck?  Well,  it was bent up pretty good as well,  and couldn't be opened.  (So at least the driver won't be opening his door into traffic for the rest of his shift?)
Interestingly,  although most of the handle is missing on the Tundra,  the door was still operable.

One thought that I had was,  "What if I had been riding a bicycle?"   I mean,  I nearly got "doored" once in Vienna,  but that door wasn't at chest height,  such as was the case with the garbage truck.   I suspect I would have been in the hospital,  or worse. 

It's in the shop.  The estimate was thirty-six hundred. 

I know!  I thought maybe a couple grand,  but I suppose it adds up.  The parts have been ordered and should arrive today.  And here's something interesting,  the insurance company only gives the body shop seven days to put it right after the parts arrive.   Maybe that's because I have a rental that they're paying for??   

Speaking of which,  it's a mini-van.   And,  I realise we rented one a couple years ago in Maui,  and that was fine and all,  but I really wanted a pick-up truck.  And I mean,  this mini-van has a lot of little bells and whistles,  (heated steering wheel,  heated seats,  remote start,  remote operable sliding doors and rear hatch)  but just the same,  it's a POS.

There's something sort of rattling around in the rear suspension,  which I find somewhat disconcerting.  Plus,  every time I start it up,  it tells me it's due for an oil change.  Really??

Even Travelling Companion had a somewhat less than complimentary comment in the brief time that she rode in it with me yesterday.  And I hadn't said anything to influence her opinion in any way.

It's built by the people who claim to have "perfected the mini-van"  after having introduced it back in 1984.   Anyway,  I just thought,  "If this is their idea of having perfected it,  I'm not sure what they've been smoking."

Of course,  they're also 58% owned by Fiat,  so now you know what I'm talking about.

I'll be bugging the manager over at the rental company to see if I can trade it for a truck when one shows up.  Apparently they only have so many of them,  and they were all out.

Well,  that's my little missive for today.  And maybe for a while.

Hope all is well with you lot.

Thanks for stopping by.

Keep your stick on the ice.


  1. If you were on a bike I think your last post would have been your last post.

  2. Have fun with your POS good thing only a week.

  3. "Do you have the mirror?" LOL. I once had interaction with a low hanging beam under an overpass in Mexico and ripped the air conditioner off the top of my motorhome and that was the first thing the insurance company asked me. "Where is the air conditioner"? "The police helped me carry it to a nearby dumpster, at least what was left of it after being knocked off the roof and bouncing down the highway" "How do we know you ever had an air conditioner?" "Well, the gaping hole in the roof and the sparking wires might give you a clue"!

  4. I kinda had a feeling why minivans always that special ahem...reputation. Good thing you had the dump truck right there to get rid of that mirror garbage. Re. the "sticks on the ice" ...I almost got my a*s planted on the ice today. HINT: use the cleats under your shoes.

  5. Since It is your Insurance that has to fix your Truck then they collect from the other Insurance Company make certain they fix it right. Not your fault "Fix It Right". Watch your next Insurance Payment doesn't go up because " It Was Not Your Fault"
    Can you tell I've dealt with those idiots before.
    Surprisingly those Mini-Vans (Built Three Miles from where we live) are normally good vehicles. The problem is the Rental Companies that don't maintain them after people drive them over our wonderfully smooth roads. After Two years they are ready for the Recyclers.
    Be Safe and Enjoy the Christmas Holidays.

    It's about time.


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