Monday, June 25, 2018

I'm still here. Honest.

Or maybe it should be "honestly"?   Good grammar is a touchy subject with me most days.

Anyhoo,   sorry for the absence.   They say it makes the heart grow fonder.   Or something.
I think it tends to lose you readers,  to be honest.   But I'm pretty sure there are a few die hards out there.

So,  what's been going on?   Well,  the usual actually.   Some sailing,  both Tuesday nights as well as a couple weekend outings.  I did the "Sail Past"  this year,  which is an annual tradition at the Yacht Club involving the "Blessing of the Fleet",  and then literally a sail past the Commodore.    A little hokey I realise,  but it was a nice day on the water (even though the wind died later)  and for a measly twenty bucks,  the club served what I considered to be an awesome meal of steak,  baked potato and salad.

But,  I'm going to skip ahead.   I mean,  I take pictures of stuff,  but then never get around to doing too much with the pics.   There are a few out there who might have seen the odd thing on the Book of Face,   but really?   Posting to the blog would be a bit boring I think.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

BUT,   this weekend was the annual "Guy's Weekend"  in Grand Bend,   and on one of our forays into town, I was sitting in the truck waiting for my buddy to come back from the coffee shop,  and I see this Dude across the road with a rather large hat on,  and I'm thinking,  "Why does that guy look familiar?"

Well,  it turns out it was a fellow blogger,  none other than George,  from Our Awesome Travels!

Of course,  by the time I remembered the extra camera I had brought along and fetched it from the back seat,  he and Suzie were just heading out.

But I do have proof!

Well,  it's only "proof"  to the person who owns that car,  and who had just come out of "Grandpa Jimmy's Scottish Bakery".  Right?   But maybe George will stop by and confirm my claim.

So,  when my buddy came out of the coffee shop,  I said something like,  "Hey,  I just saw a guy whose blog I follow!"   and he asked if I had run across the road to say "hi",   but I had to admit that,  first of all,  I didn't realise until too late just whom I was looking at and secondly,  I likely would have been run over,  as the traffic in Grand Bend at that point in time was a wee bit on the steady side.

Anyway,  I thought at least *that*  was blog worthy.

Other than that,  here we are this morning outside the Colonial Restaurant,  where our annual tradition also calls for taking our host out to breakfast before we head on back home.

And no,  the guy with his back to the camera isn't camera shy,  I just took a photo without him noticing.     Here he is expertly extricating himself from one of the sand traps at Bayview Golf Club.

Wait,  he's got his back to the camera again.   Here we go...

But then I realised,  I have another pic of the bunch of us,  in the "selfie"  style.

And.....that's all I got.

I'm out.

I'll be back again at some point.   Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Hey Bob that was us , so close yet so far away, wish we could have had a chat, meet up have a beer whatever would have been fun I am sure after all these years.

  2. You are missed but we are still hanging on.....waiting. Too bad you never met up with George.

  3. That looks like a suspicious bunch.

  4. When you write a worthwhile Blog people will come back to read it.
    It's always fun to meet the people behind the Blogs, Face to Face but it doesn't always happen. We'll keep trying and maybe we'll have met everyone on our sidebar.
    Glad you Enjoyed your time with the Boys.
    Be Safe!

    It's about time.


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