Thursday, February 22, 2018

I tell myself, "It's only a game".

Couldn't bear to watch the Canada/US hockey game last night,  but when I checked in on line at one point and saw that they were tied up,  I had a sense of dread that there would be a shoot out.

I've never been a big fan of the "shoot out".  I think I'd sooner see something happen like the sudden death situation we see in the NFL if the game is tied at the end. You know,  play an extra period.  See what happens.


I mean, last time,  Canada won in a shoot out,  and I didn't hear anyone complaining,  myself included.

Both Travelling Companion and I should have probably sucked it up and stayed up to watch,  since she told me this morning that she had been dreaming about it all night,  and woke up tired.  I pretty much had the same experience.

And now,  on to more *important* matters.

(insert, "tongue in cheek" font here, by the way)

I may or may not have mentioned at some point that I quite regularly meet up with a bunch of retired old farts on Wednesday mornings for breakfast.  The food is average,  the washrooms are somewhat suspect,  but our waitress is dynamite and the conversation is usually quite lively.   So I go.

Plus,  it gets my sorry ass out of the house on a regular basis.

So,  what catches my eye as I head out the driveway?

See,  there are times when I'm no longer interested in eating that one last heel from a baguette or loaf of bread,  so I open the back door and pitch it out for the squirrels.

They do tend to come up with some creative means of "storage".

It was raining,  so maybe this was to soften it up a bit?

Happened to have the camera.  What can I say?

This sort of thing (seeing where the little numbskulls store their bread)  passes for "entertainment" around here.

Oh,  and I just looked out.  It's still there.  He must have stuck it down with some spit or something.

It's stopped raining by the way,   but there have been some issues along the Grand River,  most notably a young Mom who didn't see the road closed barricade due to the fog,  ended up in the water,  managed to get herself and her toddler out of her vehicle,  only in that instance to have the child swept away by the rushing current!

The story is here.

Sorry for the downer.

And I think that's all I got.

Thanks for stopping by. 

Keep your powder dry.


  1. It sure sounds like that mother wasn't thinking too clearly when she drove into the water in the first place. SAD.

    It's about time.

  2. Sadly, we did begin to realise that it did seem odd that she was out at the time of night (morning, really) with a toddler in tow. Not sure what that was all about.

  3. My sister drove into remote Navajo reservation in USA after heavy rain to get to our homestead. It was pitch dark, no moon, but she saw a red beacon flashing on/off from the grave site. She stopped before entering the wash right about 1/4 mile from the house and walked to edge of wash. There was no road left and a big gaping hole. The red beacon is what made her stop, then she investigated the wash. Had she not seen the red beacon, she said she would have drove off the cliff into the gaping hole. To this day, the red beacon is unexplainable. She also investigated to see who was flashing the red light but the few neighbors she had all said it was not them and no foot prints near the site where the red beacon came from...just a the grave site.


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