Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Dealing with Boneheads.

Not that that is anything out of the ordinary of course,  but today we've had a bit of time wasted doing just that.  I said to Travelling Companion,  "What if you were working,  and had to deal with this?" 

The answer is:  probably wouldn't.

There were a couple things.  My little "thing" was,  we had a recall a while back on the dishwasher.  For some strange reason,  the very clever engineers decided to make the electrical connection "hard wired".   Well,  the previous model had a plug,  which meant putting in a GCFI outlet in the next door cabinet and plugging the thing in.  Then,  fifteen years later,  that machine had to be replaced,  and the new Bosch wasn't like that.   Both "German" companies by the way,  but seemly Bosch USA had a different idea.  Hard wired.
Fine.   But apparently,  some customers were experiencing overheated cords,  and there was a recall.

This tells me that whoever was hooking the things up had very little clue as to what was required,  but whatever.

So,  we had the Service Dude come out,  changed over the cord etc.   Of course,  I had to redo his installation,  since he f**ked that up but,  whatever. 

One of the reasons I tend to not let trades people in the house.  I'm a bit funny that way.

Then in today's mail,  I get a "Second Recall Notice".   "Urgent!"    I'm like,  "What?"

Well,  it's from the same Boneheads.   I called them. 

And you have to understand,  I really could have just turfed the letter in the round file (well,  these days it's blue/recycling,  and rectangular)  but I thought I'd phone anyway,  just to torture myself. 

There's no direct connection of course.  You have to press a bunch of buttons before speaking with an actual person,  who then simply told me to ignore the letter. 

"So we're done,  right?"   was my only question.  And I'm guessing here,  but my suspicion is that,  the very fine folks who sent a "Service Dude" to the house didn't bother to let The Mothership know what had been done.  Wouldn't that be part of the process?   Don't they want to get paid?

On another front,  completely different,  both T.C. and I have these fancy schmancy electric toothbrushes that are supposed to do all sorts of wonderful things.

Problem is,  T.C. has been finding the odd bristle in her mouth after brushing her teeth.

No bueno.

So she spent the better part of an hour "live chatting"  with a Bonehead from another company.   No resolution to that one.   There were a bunch of minuscule part numbers given and the outcome was, "Our Safety representative will contact you within the next five business days".

They have a "Safety Representative"?   That sounds like a load of fresh air if I ever heard one.

Now,  onto Bonehead Number Three.

I'm looking to purchase a new camera.   So fine,  Daughter Number One and I went into a camera shop across town over a week ago to take a gander.   I had gone with her back in November to have a look see for a camera she was about to receive from her company in recognition of ten years service.  Nice arrangement,  I thought.  Of course,  I got a little bit of "camera envy"  (this is why I stay away from camera and stereo shops,  but whatever) and might have mentioned this particular affliction once we came back home that day.

oooo....look at all that "stuff"!


Where was I?

Then like magic, Travelling Companion gave me a rather generous gift card from said camera shop for Christmas.
I wasn't dropping hints.  Honest.   But...I am hard to buy for.   Or so I'm told.   Socks,  underwear,  and funky t-shirts are pretty much the norm when it comes to my "Christmas List".  And by the way,  I''m never thrilled with a "Christmas List",  but that's beside the point.
Hey,  I even asked for and received bungee cords this year.  I kid you not.

We go, we take a look.

Nothing to stop me now. Turns out,  there's a 'used' model on their website.  I'm intrigued.  The used model and their three year warranty (normally I don't drink that koolaid,  but it's used and the warranty covers a lotta stuff)  still comes in well over a hundred bucks cheaper than a new model.  But,  they have to "bring it in".

Along with that,  I'm considering a flash to go on the hot shoe of the small Canon I have,  as the flash on that camera died a sad death one day on the boat.  Long story,  let's not go there.   Something to do with water,  let's just say?

The model of flash that I want is ALSO not on the premises,  and has to be "brought in". 

Helpful young salesperson orders both items from ....wherever.   The warehouse?  Another location?   Not sure.  Don't care.

And,  I get a call last week saying the camera is there.  "Great!   And what about the flash?" 


 I explained that,  I'm across town,  would prefer not to make two trips.  They have another delivery this week.
OK so,  we wait. Because you know,  it'll be in today's shipment,  right?

Today,  I called.   Yup,  the camera is (still) there,   but that flash?   Well,  there's only three in the whole bloody system (this is a national chain)   and all three of them are either spoken for,  or something else that the fellow on the phone mumbled.  Apparently Canon hasn't released any yet this year. 

Da f**k?

Not sure why this wasn't explained last week when we had our last conversation.  I just figured I wouldn't make two trips,  but had I known this flash was coming on a slow boat from China,  I would have my camera by now.  Good thing I'm not going anywhere,  like on a trip or anything.

I think I'll just go for a little walk down to the grocery store.   Try not to slip on the ice.  You know,  relaxing like.

Thanks for stopping by and letting me vent.

Keep your stick on the ice.


  1. After a while dealing with representatives on the other end of a connection starts to wear thin. That's why Kathy has me deal with it. They don't care that it is costing you Time, Fuel and the A-holes on the road getting there.
    Recently ordered a Backup.Driving Camera for the Truck and Trailer being sold by a US Company. Ordered on the 6th, shipped on the 8th from China. It was in Phoenix AZ by the 20th but I think it got stuck on the boat because nobody knows where it is.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. Oh my what a mess with all those things to deal with, looks like things are working out for you eventually.

  3. Life is complicated and the older we get the more morons we seem to have to deal with.


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