Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Good thing it's a bit warmer out.

Otherwise I wouldn't be able to open the bathroom window.

I guess I must have missed the memo concerning the smell of the waterproofing agent I'm using for the shower.  It's something akin to the overwhelming smell you get just as you trowel out one of those monster nuggets from the bottom of the kitty litter pan.  You know, reeking of ammonia?

Travelling Companion is out for the day,  but I'm not so sure the smell will be gone by the time she gets back.


And we don't have a cat.

Of course,  I do vividly recall going into the other bathroom,  where the kitty litter was kept (back in the cat days)  and thinking,  "Oh my gawd,  somebody needs to clean that out!".

Of course,  nine times out of ten  "Somebody"  was me.

Not one of my favourite things.

The stuff is called "Redguard",  and there's a very good chance that I don't really need it,  but there will not be any "do-overs" when it comes to this bathroom.  Plus,  I could see where there had been water issues in the past,  and that was with a mortar bed and tiles.  The chances of anything moving at this point are slim to none,  but just the same.

Now,  speaking of "things that move",  this house has settled over the last fifty years or so,  and one of the very last doors that needed sorting out has been the door to the very bathroom I'm working on.

In hindsight (it's a wonderful thing,  isn't it?)  I really should have sorted out this door a long,  long time ago,  but that would have meant doing exactly what I did,  and that was taking off the trim,  cutting the nails holding the hinge side jamb in place,  and squaring up the frame.


What would renovation be like without a reciprocating saw?  Boggles the mind.

It doesn't *look* like a lot of work,  but getting the frame and the top there to form some sort of right angle did seem to take me an awfully long time.    You'll notice at the top there how there's considerably less on the left side as opposed to the right?
That's how much the house has moved.

Hopefully it's done.  

I think so anyway.

That's not the door that will be there when I'm all finished.  We have that door.  It's sequestered in another room at the moment.  You'll see it in due time.

I think the first coat of my smelly goop has dried,  so I'll go back in,  try not to gag,  and put on the final coat.

Keep your stick on the ice.

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Glad you are painstakingly nearing the end of this project and doing a great job. Once you are done you'll be rewarded with "Another Project". Thought that would appeal to you. Keep up the Good Work, Enjoy and be Safe.

    It's about time.

  2. When you go from -16C to +6C it not only feels mild, it feels lke SUMMER broke out. And it came with a slight summer rain making the last spots of pesky snow go away. Bathroom renos are sooo much fun. Just remembering all the water proofing makes me gag.

  3. .. and we have to reset the door in the bathroom every few month. Loose screws.

  4. Always something to keep you out of trouble, old houses do settle and then some. Most of our old homes I did the same thing over the years.

  5. Does all that pink goop wipe off and leave it clear? Looks quite flamboyant. Thanks for finding my blog and now I've found yours. I won't be letting Mr Him near stuff like that. Painting our utility room red was bad enough.


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