Monday, August 1, 2016

It's been a good month.

Just realized how long it's been since I uttered a peep.   Erp.

It happens.

There's been sailing,  which is not that unusual,  along with a couple cottage visits,  which is also not that unusual.
One place on Sturgeon Lake,   the other in Wasaga,  on..... *thinks*  Georgian Bay.  Drew a blank for a second there...

Now,  don't misunderstand,  the place in Wasaga isn't really anywhere near where all the commotion is in the "downtown" area of Wasaga Beach,   We took a little drive down that way on one of the afternoons (it's all a blur)  and we were reminded of just why a fellow could be known as a "Wasaga Head".  There were some "sights",  let me tell ya!  But over on Shore Lane Drive,  it's a much more sedate sort of experience.  And that's quite alright with me.
This place is not on the beach side,  and that also fine,  as it's really only about a 50 meter walk to the beach by way of a right of way...

And I should mention that,  there are quite a few places that are a carry over from the days when a "cottage" was just that,  such as this place,  and then there are what I refer to as the "monstrosities".  One of these times I'll have to take photos to show a few examples.  One doesn't want to offend,  of course,  but there are a number of places that are truly big and hideous.  I'm of the opinion that the town/municipality/whatever allows this to happen,  as a way of extracting higher and higher property taxes from these people who have more money than taste.

My sister-in-law and hubby have made a couple minor changes in the last little while,  but they're not really looking to do anything to dispense with the rustic nature of the place.
Just a little paint.

I never in a million years would have figured that that shade of blue would go with that colour of siding,  but then again,  I have no skill when it comes to picking colours.

They're not going to bother with the frieze boards (up at the roof line there) until such time as they do the roof.  We got some heavy rain one evening when we were there and the roof doesn't leak,  so a new roof might not happen for a time.  There's more pressing talk of building a shed in the back,  which would later be added to in order to have a "bunky".    It's not a terribly big place,  and there were five of us,  which meant putting a mattress on the sectional seating area for two of the nights.  Not a terribly big deal,  but it's always nicer if a person has a place to keep their "stuff", instead of having to shuttle it from place to place, let's just say.

Anyhoodle,  as it always pays to be "handy",  (never short of invites to a cottage!)  we did install a couple extra electrical outlets while I was there.  It's a job that's usually always better done with two bodies,  and especially depending on ones skill set.

 I'm the one with the "skill" it so happens, (not that I have gobs of it or anything) so I elected to be not the one to crawl around under the cottage.   Plus,  I'm older.  And a guest,  and....OK, never mind.

They're planning on having a bit of counter space on the other side of the kitchen,  and also moving the fridge.   We just made sure we tied into the fridge circuit,  so that when they're not there in the summer and want to keep the fridge running,  it'll still be on the same circuit.
Never hurts to use a little bit of common sense.

And I only mention any of this since I remembered to take some pics.  Mostly I forget.

The other cottage that we went to a couple weeks ago is,  if you recall any of our Thanksgiving visits, on Sturgeon Lake.  There is a totally different "feel" to the place,  as I find that Sturgeon Lake can be rather rough at times.

Hence the reason for having a boat lift.

Anyway,  for that particular visit,  I had decided to take along a power planer (I don't have need to use it that often,  as it's rather aggressive)  and take about three eights of an inch off one corner of the bathroom door.   I didn't get a single picture,  but suffice to say,  the door finally closes now after I don't know how many years that it's bugged the hell out of me and everyone else.   One of those things where,  I keep meaning to "sort it out",  but then of course forget to take along the proper tools.
It's all about the "proper tools",  and I'm afraid that neither of the owners of these respective places have quite figured out the "proper tool" situation.

That's fine,  I got it covered.

Oh,  and of course there was a brief trip in to Bobcageon for a visit to Bigley shoes.

T.C. managed to find a couple items.  Like that's a stretch.
I have been passively looking for something to replace an aging pair of sandals,  but wasn't willing to pay over a hundred bucks for something that ultimately is going to get wet and abused on the boat,  among other places.   I'll eventually find something I would imagine.

Meh.  What else?

It's been bloody dry around here,  that's one thing.  We've had snippets of rain,  but we really need about a solid week at this point to get everything green again.
I mean,  we water the gardens and such,   but there are sections of the lawn that are parched.
No biggie.  It'll come back.  It always does.

I think that's about it.  I see you starting to glaze over.  I'll stop now.

Keep those sticks on the ice.

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Nice that you came back was wondering what you up to.
    Grew up in the 50's around Wasaga Beach I liked it then , not so much now.
    Nice to have the proper tools to get things done too.
    Bigley shoes is a place I have been to a few times and just look. Like you I ain't gonna pay those prices.

  2. Good hearing from you again. Yeah, I know... it's been one of those summers. I like how you kinda say you're a "handy" man. I know more than one household that would give anything to have a person around who could even change a lightbulb! (fortunately I have Bill ;-) I don't know about you, but Teva Hurrincane sandals work great for me for mud, sand, grit, crossing river beds and even hiking. Just hose them off, preferable while still on one's feet, when you get home.

  3. I think that you will always be a caretaker, a very special one at that.


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