Sunday, September 20, 2015

Rode hard and put up wet.

Or at least that’s the way my shoulder has been feeling for the last week,  and I know it’s from getting slightly carried away on the boat a week ago.  Some sort of switch went off in my pea brain,  and I thought I had the upper body strength of a much younger and stronger guy. 

Turns out I didn’t.

I see I haven’t had too darned much to say for a bit.  Well, in trying to avoid that “one cactus looks like another” syndrome, I haven’t had much to say so as not to bore you. 

There, hope that makes it all better.


The sailing thing has switched to the “Fall Series”,  which means we go out on Sundays,  today being one of the exceptions,  for me at least.

This Sunday morning I spent with a host of other volunteers registering folks and taking their donations to the Terry Fox Marathon of Hope. 

It was a good morning.  Not overly cool, but pleasant.  I could still feel my fingers by mid-morning,  so that’s always a good sign.  Last year it was just that much colder,  with a constant breeze off the lake.  I don’t remember much,  but I remember that.

More and more contributors are donating “on-line” these days,  which makes the job of sorting out their registration “stuff” all that much easier. 

That was especially appreciated,  as I was plunked in between two “newbies” since I was now “experienced”.    Note quotation marks. 

I have difficulty remembering what I did yesterday,  let alone the refresher we had a week ago.  But I managed.

The “newbies” were both very sharp young-uns who had total recall of all the tiny little nuances,  and I’m sure made far fewer little slip-ups than I.

Thankfully,  the “slip-ups”  don’t get past the rear guard,  and usually consist of forgetting to fill in one box or other.  I’m pretty sharp when it comes to counting the actual dough however, and making sure it all gets put into the bag.  No worries there.

I think that goes back my days of handling cash in the restaurant business.  Some things never seem to completely fade away.  Long term memory and all.


So,  I don’t really have any pictures,  since my picture taking has kinda sucked lately.  They’re pretty cringe worthy.  Trust me.

I’ve done something goofy to the settings on the camera,  and I don’t seem to see it until I put the pic up on the big screen.  May be time for a “re-boot”.


That’s about it.  Thanks for moving your eyes back and forth.


Keep that stick on the ice.


  1. Nice to hear that you are still out and about enjoying this great outdoors.

  2. Like George said it's always nice to know that you are still finding ways to appreciate what is around you.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  3. I have not heard that title expression in a long time:)


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