Saturday, June 20, 2015

Well, that was a day.

I’ll just post a couple pictures, and you can figure out how we spent our exciting morning.



Now the thing is,  we posted the ad to say that we were starting at eight,  and of course,  there are always those who show up early. 

I have to say,  I was a little crusty.  When you ask,  “Am I too early?”, and you know full bloody well that you are, (7:15?  seriously?) you might expect to get a slightly terse reply.

Oh,  and we were duly warned about the old ladies.  They’re the worst.  I don’t mind haggling, but don’t be a pain in the a$$.

Anyway,  it was fine.  Really.  Not many people haggled.  Still seemed to be left with a lot of stuff,  but the upstairs room is just about cleaned out. Well,  of the stuff that’s not supposed to be there.

Managed to sell off my old single stage dust collector,  a couple palm sanders and an old drill.  All very old tools,  and worth every bit of the two bucks or so that I got for each.  Well,  a little more for the dust collector,  but I was happy to see it get trundled down the driveway.

Palm sanders are pretty much an abomination,  and I simply refuse to use them anymore,  since it doesn’t take much to make parts of me ache,  so I sure as heck would just as soon not go out of my way.  Besides,  I’m thinking I need a new random orbit sander, much like the one we bought for Daughter Number One’s household.  I had sander envy right around Christmas time,  but whatever.

Garage sales are way too much work,  as far as I’m concerned. 

Gawd,  seems like we were at it for days.  Pricing things.  Hauling out cr*p er,  I mean,  fine outstanding sought after items.    It’s all about those fine outstanding sought after items.  That nobody actually buys. 

I’m always surprised though at what people do buy.  Fake flower arrangements for example,  or as I like to refer to them as,  “dust collectors”.   Does that count as a segue?  Maybe not.

Had three of them.  They all went.  Full price.  I’m not kidding.

DVDs?  Not a one.  Guess everyone watches Netflix,  or one of their brethren.  Or they download media files.  They are among the things that won’t be going to the Reuse Centre.

That’s the deal,  see.  Once it’s outside for the garage sale,  it can never come back into the house.  There are some exceptions,  like the DVDs.  Oh and,  my little camp stoves.  Need some serious money to dampen the sentimental value.  Everything has a price,  and sentiment is pricey.


Now I’m starting to ramble.  And not saying much.


I’m out.


Thanks for stopping by.


  1. What were you doing with three fake flower arrangements in the first place?!

    1. Wasn't my idea. A couple of them were "gifts" of some sort, and at least one showed up when we were overseas. Just stupid things.

  2. Had a garage sale in the park here today. My big purchase, a fan for $5.00. A few folks had DVD's for sale at $2.00 each with CD's at $1.00.

    I agree it is a LOT of work. Personally we are done with them. Hope you made a few decent bucks.

  3. Not being much of a shopper I stay away from sales of any kind. Bill would have bought everything you had... well, maybe not the flower arrangements.

  4. I have had a few yard sales over the years and always made a tidy bit of cash, and enjoyed them too.

  5. Way too much work but we did very well with ours a week ago so felt it was worth it--and I agree about the fake flowers--dust collectors!

  6. Just to let you know - my sister buys fake flowers at garage sales so she can make arrangements to put on the graves on Memorial Day. Sometimes they do have a use besides dust collecting. I am so grateful we got all our garage sales done and over with years ago. I love to go to them but I don't want to ever put one on again!!!

  7. Glad our house is gone and so are the garage sales. It was all just STUFF. Think of the work it took to buy it. Now think of the work to get rid of it. We're all gluttons for punishment.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.


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