Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Willing to try something new.

But only when it comes to beer.
Saw this in the store today. Seems to be some sort of seasonal offering. Good beer, and an excellent price. Six for €3.99! Plus €.60 deposit of course.
I still haven't figured out which bottles are returnable and which aren't.
With the big water bottles (1.5 litres) there's a machine at the back of the grocery store into which they go, out comes a chit which goes against your grocery bill. They're worth €.25....
They have a similar set-up in parts of the U.S. but we never really bothered to figure it out when we had the apartment in Horseheads. I guess there wouldn't have been a language barrier, or at least not much of a one.
I might just have to go back tomorrow and get another six. The big excuse of course is that we have company coming and the gentleman drinks beer. So I need to be prepared.

I originally started this entry last night (Wednesday night, for those with score cards) since I had given up on waiting for the grass to dry, had a handle on supper (burgers and BBQ at the ready) but then Gabe rolled in, so the motivation wained after a full tummy. (and three beers...)
Did I mention that I bought a little Weber? It's the Baby Q, which is the smaller sibling to the Q that we have back home.It comes with a short hose, and I had found a place where I was able to not only buy the tank you see in the background, but they made me up a new, longer hose.
I'll take a pic of this place one of these days, and you'll completely get why it's one of my favourite stores. Plus a couple of the employees can muddle along in English. :)
Weber has goofy ideas about how to market their products, since they seem to think that you'll buy their tanks or whatever. Not gonna happen.
Mind you, it was a bitch to get the hose changed over. Luckily I had my most expensive wrench ever, which I had previously bought to sort out the handle on the mower.
This was before I had any means of pumping up bicycle tires, and my tools obviously had not arrived. So I had to find a place within walking distance.
It's not like this place was even close by, but at least it was here in Delden.
So after hiking for about a half hour (swear to God!) I wasn't about to leave empty handed, in spite of the price.
You have to admit, it is nice. I think it's made in Sweden. Good swedish steel. *snort*!
I'll let you do the math. My guess is that this company supplies NASA with their wrenches, so they must figure that's an ok price.
It has taken it's place in one of my tool boxes with all the others, including this one, which Gabe and I came across one Saturday when we were just out tooling around.

(oooo...was that ever a pun!)

This was more like a price I could handle....and at that price you can never have too many. Besides, I discovered that I needed the second one for the mower handle thing anyway.... I'm still thinking I might mount that first one and put it on a wall somewhere.

Now, before anyone starts rolling their eyes about not getting the grass cut, I just want to say, I had the mower at the ready, but the grass was so bloody wet, that it was gumming up the trimmer like something that had come out of a blender. I had no desire whatsoever to try and unclog the mower every ten minutes, and if we get any sun at all, then I'll take another stab at it.

Meanwhile, I need to get a couple things this morning, and since I have the car, I just might use it, in light of the picking up more beer program. Yesterday I almost had to leave the veggies at the side of the road, since my saddle bags aren't quite big enough for anything over about 10 items. And no, they don't have express check outs.

I thought these would be plenty big, but not really. I bought this particular set here in town, but there's a huge dealer on the way in to Hengelo where I might take a look for something bigger. Their prices are a bit more competitive as well, as I noticed when I went looking for bike racks.
I 'll be picking up our first guests this afternoon at Schipol, so not sure how long it will take before there's another post.

Keep yer collective sticks on the ice.

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