Monday, September 15, 2008

Running low on deodorant.

....and I seem to recall that I sent some with the shipment. Can't for the life of me figure out what to pick from in the stores, so I've been somewhat reluctant to spend the three or four Euros on a stick of something and then end up having some sort of rotting arm pit disease.
Besides, since it's Monday and most of the stores are closed, I can't even go into Kruidvat and look around. Drug stores don't sell anything but drugs and health products, so unlike Shoppers Drug Mart, one will not find a host of products. You have to go to a cosmetic/personal hygene type of place to look for your cotton swabs and what have you.
Judging from reports that have come back to me from the office environment, it seems wearing deodorant amoungst the man folk around here is somewhat optional, but that's another story.
Don't mean to be set in my ways, but I can't stand my own stench, so that's one custom I might have to overlook.
I did make a trip this morning in to Dink's er,.... I mean Dirk's to pick up milk and a few other things. Six packs of Heineken were on for €3,49!
Somebody.... thought it said "dink's" ok? It's like, somebody.... thought they were shopping at "Louie's" in Horseheads, N.Y. which actually turned out to be "Lowe's".... So, it'll be "dink's" from now on I'm afraid.
I'm also hoping that I packed some sort of wind breaker in with the wardrobes as well, since it was about 12C this morning and there was a bit of a head wind coming home. Might need a scarf, or maybe even a belaclava.
I might not go with the belaclava program, since I probably stick out enough like a sore thumb as it is.
Speaking of which, I parked right next to another single speed bike with coaster brakes! Darn it, I should have taken a picture! I think the owner had more dough tied up in the fancy light on the front than in the rest of the bike. When I came out of the store, it was gone. Could have been another Canadian, who knows?
Gabe just called to say that she no longer needs to take the train to the airport, since an offer has come in for a car ride. I'll be interested to hear about the traffic. Seems people do make the trip by car to Schipol, but I still think it should be avoided.

This is now the time to embark on some more catching up....
Some impressions of Belgium:

We stayed at the Best Western, which was not the easiest to find, since the street names are on the sides of the buildings, nor was it the "best". The restaurant was pretty darned good, and we shared a bottle of Bordeaux Superieur from 2000. One had a choice of Dutch or French, when it came to ordering food. You can guess which one I chose.

When it came to the room however, at one point we realised that our motorhome is bigger.....and the other somewhat unfortunate part is that they don't seem to have such a thing as a "non-smoking" room, so it was a little smelly. We just laugh about these things, since there's no point getting upset. I still slept like a log.
Next morning we were off to the office of Eaton. Good thing somebody put up this sign....

Can you see it?? Thankfully Gabe did.

Can you see the tiny little street sign on the corner of the building? you get it.

Mind you, if someone had mentioned to use the huge Audi factory as a landmark, that would have been helpful. There's no picture, since there was absolutely no place to even stop, let alone park.

I made one slight wrong turn, and just off the beaten path, discovered this lovely bit of landscape. Kinda reminds one of Puerto Rico.
Too bad the pic is a bit fuzzy, but you get the idea.

I was actually turning around to get back to the local Audi dealership to have a look around.
They had an A6 in the showroom, and didn't mind if I took a couple pictures. Pretty sure the one that's coming for us is a similar colour.
It's kind of a big car, which I'm sure I mentioned in an email at least once, so we'll be carting a couple bikes around with us I'm thinking.

We'll be going back to Belgium I'm sure, and I'm perfectly prepared to drive, but this time I'll know where I'm going.
That always helps.
If the subject comes up that we drove to Belgium to the Eaton office, the first response is usually, "and you found the place?"
Still looking forward to getting a gps. From what I understand it comes standard in the A6.
Just now went out to the Audi website....looks like that is the case.
If you have dial-up, I would caution against copying and pasting that link, since it's a pretty swanky flash intro.
You can't click on what looks like hyperlinks here just yet, since I have to do that whole html thing....
...update, me, huh?
Plus, found how to make it open in a new window....

The gps console looks suspiciously like the same set up on the Mercedes we had back in June. Hmmmm.

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