Saturday, September 20, 2014

Back to normal farting.

Well, and normal eating too I suppose.

See,  when you’re doing a certain kind of “prep”,  you’d best not stray too far from the facilities.  Plus,  don’t even think of letting off any kind of pressure.  Perceived or otherwise.

You’ll be sorry.

You may recall that I had a little visit back in the spring with a particular Doc who quite often gets behind in his work?  But tries to “rectify” the situation?   

I got a million of them.

The thing is,  after that little visit,  it was determined that muggins here had to present himself at the Oakville Trafalgar Hospital outpatient cattle call/waiting room,  all prepped and ready for yet another anal probe.

Fun times,  let me tell ya.

Actually,  the event itself is kind of a non event really,  since the whole prep business is just about one of the worst tortures known to man. 

Forget water boarding. 

Just starve a guy,  and then make him take a couple tablets of Dulcolax,  followed immediately by a special glass of something called Pico-salax.

It’s exothermic!   Oh ya.  Gotta wait till it cools down.  Although,  I mixed it with cold water to start with.  What a witches brew that sh*t is!   Wowsers.

Then watch what happens!  There’s usually two or three “courtesy flushes” if you know what’s good for you.

Ever been to Niagara Falls? 

Try to imagine it coming out yer….well,  never mind.



Anyway,  it’s all good.  Nothing was malignant or anything.  I think they like to have you in the hospital in case things go a little south?  It was fine.  Five polyps!  Seriously?   A couple of them were a little on the large size too.  I watched most of it,  but must have missed a few bits,  since I was surprised at the final count. 

They give good drugs.  Of course,  that meant no alcomohol for a couple days,  but hey!  I lost five pounds!

Travelling Companion had to chauffeur me home.


So I was kinda going a little nuts today trying to catch up on a couple things.  Managed to pull a muscle. 

In my ass.

Don’t you hate when that happens??

It’s one of the ones you need to keep you from falling over,  so literally a pain in the butt.



I did manage to put a couple coats of finish on some trim that I’ll be installing up at sister-in-law’s place.  Spent the rest of the time up on the roof.  Looks like we’ll be tearing down the chimney and rebuilding it before the roofers come. 

When I say “we”,  I don’t include me in that equation.  Too big a job for one guy,  so I have someone coming first thing Monday morning with his crew to get at it.  It’s gonna be a bit nuts around here,  since the roofing company said they’d likely be showing up on Monday as well.



My bad.  I’ve neglected to get this sorted out,  and now I’m under the gun.  Has to be done in the name of marital tranquility,  shall we say?


That’s all I got.   Wish me luck.   Enjoy the rest of your weekend,  and thanks for stopping by.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

A minor redemption.

Bit of a busy day,  in the running around department. 

Took the Merc in for a brake job.  Didn’t go to the stealership dealership,  since they were quoting just about 150 bucks more than most any other place,  including SWC Automotive.  Which is where I ended up.

You may recall that last summer,  when I was installing the humongous front window,  I had a couple strapping lads who were willing to come by and hoist the thing up for me?   Well,  one of those guys works at this place.  That was kind of the way of introduction.  Plus,  I had taken Daughter Number Two’s car there,  so I figured I’d see if they were willing to work on the Merc. 

Anyway,  I never even mentioned that I was taking along the winter tires,  but since tires need to come off to take a gander at the brakes,  I asked if they wouldn’t mind just swapping them out for the summer ones.  No problem.  And no charge.

Hey,  it’s starting to get bloody cold in these parts,  so now is as good a time as any.

Here’s the other thing:

Once upon a time,  when I took the Merc to the dealership for an oil change,  they said they’d need the car ALL DAY.  Are you kidding me?  I’ve done oil changes in my driveway in well under a half hour.  All day?

I could never get my head around that,  unless of course their shuttle driver was off for part of the day.  Who knows?  But hey, they did wash the car.

Big whoop.

My appointment this morning was for 10:30.  I got there a few minutes early,  and the car was already on the hoist by 10:30.   See,  that kind of efficiency works for me.  Plus, I could see them working.  Not back in some mysterious labyrinth only accessible through doors marked,  “Authorised Personnel Only”.

And that’s not to say I stood around in the shop watching.  Not cool.  They don’t need me there.  But I still like to know what’s going on.


Oh,  and I almost forgot.  They had already ordered the parts!  No waiting around.  Like the lad at the desk said,  “If there’s no restocking fee,  we’d sooner just have the parts here at the ready,  so you’re not waiting all day.”

What a concept.


But I’m getting side tracked.  There were a couple other little errands that I had to run,  including picking up a mattress,  as well as the trim for the family room (for lack of a better term) at my sister-in-law’s place.  The floor was done YEARS ago,  and nobody ever bothered to put back any trim.  We’ll sort that.



The end of my day consisted of washing the summer tires before putting them away,  which was interrupted by a little repair.

The left rear tire has had to have a little air added to it about four times this summer,  and I had a sneaking suspicion that I had picked up a nail.


Sure enough.


It’s that metal bit next to the yellow mark.  Not sure where I got a roofing nail,  but that was the culprit.

Now here’s the thing.

I can fix that!


YEARS ago,  I bought a couple little tire repair tools for just such a contingency.  It’s been a few years since I’ve used it,  but I haven’t forgotten how it works.




Anyone who has done this knows the drill.  First,  find the nail.  That was thanks to the eagle eyes of Daughter Number Two.  (I’d still be out there).

Then,  all the while trying not to let all the air escape, (although it doesn’t really matter if you have a compressor)  make the hole big enough for that big darning needle thingy.   There’s a strip of some sort of rubbery goopy stuff that I’ve shoved through the end.

Then shove that goopy bit all the way in,  yank it out (‘cause then it breaks off) and yer done.

Bob’s yer Uncle.



No more getting dire warnings from the TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System) next summer.

I hope.


I’ll be scanning the driveway for nails.


That’s all I got. 

No really.  I’m just happy to have fixed a slow leak and not have to pay for it.  My version of something akin to “redemption”.   Makes up for the fact that I ordered the wrong sized mattress,  but we’re not going there.



Keep it between the ditches.

Thanks for stopping by.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

So that was Phase Two.

Which is partly why I’ve been somewhat absent here in Blogland.  It happens.

Something to do with lack of discipline.   Either that,  or not having too darned much to say.

I didn’t head out with the sailing crew this past Sunday,  as it was the annual Terry Fox run.   There was some marginal hypothermia.  Not for the runners or walkers.  Just for the volunteers doing the registration and such.

No big deal.  It was nice and warm at the pub afterwards.


Anyhoodle,  we’ve now got our soffits,  facia and evestroughing sorted out.

We’ve kind of been waiting for this.  We signed the contract back on July 15th.  The weather has been less than stellar, but I still have the impression that too many jobs were taken on.  Just my impression.


There was some pretty nasty looking stuff that we took down. 

Um, *they* took down.  Let’s be clear.



Meanwhile,  I wanted to open up the soffits a bit more not only for ventilation,  but to run some conduit for the possibility of some cameras later on.  




The ventilation that had been there was woefully inadequate.



And you can see there was some nasty business when it came to the facia.  I decided I was quite capable of replacing the rotted out facia myself.  They wanted to charge something like $7.50 a linear foot. 

I don’t think so.



I just used some of the cedar that I’ve had hanging around for God knows how long.  Just happened to be the right width.



And yes,  they extruded the troughs on site.



Anyway,  I’ll spare you all the details.

Installer Dude did say he had been zapped on other occasions.



We were keeping a close eye on him.


I wouldn’t have been working that close to those wires,  that’s for sure.

Actually,  being up at the peak of the roof on a ladder?  

I think not.



So that’s that.

I spent a certain amount of time this morning putting the final copper finial on,  and trimming back the remaining facia to make it all work.

This place never came with an instruction manual.  I think it would have been a thick one.


Chances are the roof is going to get started this coming Monday.  

Fingers crossed.


Enjoy your week.


Thanks for stopping by.