Tuesday, August 26, 2014

A whole lotta nothin’.

Especially today. 

We’re finally getting a bit of heat here in Southern Ontario.  Can’t say that I’ve missed it, to be honest.  The prognosticators are saying we haven't had a day when the temperature has been anywhere close to thirty since some time back in June.

I’m just glad that working outside at this particular snippet in time is…. optional.


Not like our “weed and feed” person.





And I see today that we have a young lady pushing the spreader.  I’ll have to go out and brave the elements to see what was added/needed.   There’s always a couple of those notifications on the lawn that they have to leave behind. Some sort of regulation.  Even when it’s nothing noxious, which nowadays is 100% of the time. 

Matter of fact,  I can buy weed killer etc. at the Garden Centre that’s more toxic than what these folks are now permitted to use.  Not like I do or anything.

So the notifications are posted to warn everyone that there has been some sort of “application”.

Here’s an idea,  hows about everybody just stay the hell off the lawn?




I have been working on finishing in the “Veranda”.  Not sure I’ll ever truly get finished.  I just have that overwhelming feeling,  but I keep plugging away.



I put that piece up on Sunday.  It was reasonably comfortable to work, temperature wise, although it doesn’t take much for me to start sweating buckets.  

No desire to go up there today.  Thanks.

Travelling Companion has chimed in with her displeasure with that lamp there,  but it’s what was there before,  and is better than nothing.  Not much better than nothing, mind you.   It was a garage sale find of many years ago.  A couple bucks I think.

I also added an additional plug up there in the corner.  Not sure what it’ll be used for,  but you never know.  Christmas lights?  We’ll see.



Just for the fun of it,  I should mention that, at one point in time when I was up there sizing things up,  and possibly staring off into space,  I saw a coyote out on the street.  I mentioned on the Book of Face that he was running down the street.

Not entirely accurate.  

He was actually stopped to take a cr*p.   And judging by how it sort of came blasting out of him,  I think it was an emergency stop.

Erp,  what have you been eating??

Which would explain why he stopped in the middle of the street.   

My camera was three paces away,  but when I turned around he was gone.   Gah!!

Which of course,  reminds me of a comedian whom I’ve only ever seen on Youtube.

It’s only a minute and a half.  Go for it.

Sure hope you have the bandwidth to watch that.  Makes me laugh.   “Shit and go!”


I may possibly poke my head in here at some point when I have something to say.  Not sure when that’ll be.


Thanks for stopping by.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Some days I’m quite content to stay home.

Wednesday’s is usually a “Breakfast Babes” morning for me,  but my motivation to get myself sorted out first thing in the morning was somewhat lacking.

The “Breakfast Babes” consists of mostly retired teachers from one particular school where I used to work.  I say “mostly”,  since there is a Secretary and a Caretaker that show up from time to time.  Along with a few spouses,  but that’s a rarity.

Oh and yes,  the Caretaker would be Muggins here.

Anyway,  sorry kids,  I didn’t go.  Maybe next week.


Besides,  I figured my time was better spent making more headway up in the “Veranda”.  My objective is to get the inside walls buttoned up with drywall before the weather takes a turn.  This of course,  is while I’m waiting for my windows to arrive.  Once they’re here,  all bets are off.  Until I have them finished and installed at least.


I hadn’t really come to any conclusions as to who did what up there in the past,  but I’m now fairly certain that it was the previous owner who was in the midst of installing lath and then eventually plastering the whole thing.  There was some evidence of a freshly cut rafter tail where a board had been nailed up.

This was in preparation for the plaster,  which was going to go over fibre board and then lath.



I may very well change out that lamp.  That was a garage sale deal that was too hard not to pass up.




It was up in the one corner next to the fireplace/chimney/whatever.

Anyway,  doesn’t matter.

I can see why there was some,  shall we say? confusion?  It’s hard to know what to do.  I did stand there trying to take it all in and sort it out in my pea brain for a quite a few minutes.

Of course,  it wouldn’t be quite right if there weren’t any nesting material or teeth marks from squirrels.




I’m pretty sure some of this activity took place after we moved in,  since I had installed a phone line up through there,  and I’m sure I would have noticed all that cr*p.  But I never did take down the board,  so who knows?

Memory is dim.



The corner was a bit of a head scratcher.



Big space.  No place to attach drywall,  that’s for sure.



I used some of the super duper adhesive that Carpenter Dude and I had been using when we did the cladding.

The wedge is there to put pressure on the adhesive. 



Oh,  and speaking of which,  I had a visitor yesterday.



It was Carpenter Dude.

You can see the name on the side of his truck,  so it’s not like it’s a big secret or anything.  But we’re blogging here,  so monikers are in order.

He wanted to rent my bandsaw.  

I said,  “Sure,  why not”. 

He was working on a project that required carefully cutting a couple arches,  and it just was not working with a jig saw.  There’s a lot of stuff that can be done with a jig saw,  but not everything.

So he left here a happy camper,  and I had a few bucks in my pocket.  It was going to go into my “might need that special tool someday” fund,  but T.C. got wind of it,  so we’ll see.  So it might go towards groceries.  That would suck.


Meanwhile,  I sorted out my little project with some left over cedar and “J” moulding. 



I think it’ll look quite fetching once the drywall is up.

That was a bit of fussiness.  That’s all I’m going to say.  At one point yesterday afternoon (evening?) after many, many trips down to the garage,  Travelling Companion did ask just how many trips I make back and forth. 

“Just about one for every cut.”  was my reply.

Sometimes I can get away with doing a little cut by hand,  but it’s tough to get really clean lines that way.  And there’s no way I’m carting the cut-off saw,  band saw or table saw….anywhere.




So now I just have to fetch me some drywall.


Now wasn’t that exciting?


Thanks for looking.

Monday, August 18, 2014

The Wolf is back.

Not a lot going on.  Thought I’d pipe up with a few words.

The cottage visit was brief and cold.  Lovely cottage.  This is the place we visited last fall.  It was Thanksgiving,  and equally cold. 

One slight difference however.   On our previous visit,  there was a somewhat regular thermostat that could be adjusted to whatever temperature was comfortable.  This time around,  the owners had installed a Nest thermostat,  which made it virtually impossible to adjust. I’m sure there’s an “app” for that,  but if you don’t have the code,  yer beat.

I asked where the heck the cold air was coming from,  and was told it was the air conditioning!   Yes,  it’s a “cottage” with air conditioning!  So I had to go out to the compressor and pull the disconnect.  Took a while,  but without the cold air being blown up from the basement,  the place did get a little warmer.

Rolling my eyes here.

This was one of the methods I’d use to get around some of the whoopty-do innovative controls that my former illustrious employer installed in our schools.  Just shut the damned thing off.

Anyhoodle,  we only stayed the one night,  although I would have happily stayed at least for a couple more.  The word was though,  that it never did really warm up.   It got down to 12°C the night we were there.  It hasn’t really warmed up all that much in the past few days around here either.  Sunny,  and warm in the sun,  but sure cool at night.

It was oh so much fun driving home late Thursday night in the rain.  In the dark.


Had to move the BBQ a little closer to the back door,  even though it was giving off plenty of heat.

We never did figure out which ones were the “jalapeno” sausages.


“This one?”



Once I started cooking them, they all looked the same.

Thankfully the spice wasn’t too strong,  and nobody suddenly leaped to their feet.


Cooking on a strange BBQ can be a little bit of a puzzle at first,  but at least it was a properly working thing.  Hate it when folks leave their crap for you to try and deal with.  If you’re renting,  it needs to work.  And that one worked beautifully.  It wasn’t a Weber,  but that was OK.


Meanwhile I’ve carried on with my little jobs here at home.  Still looking to put the finishing touches on the “veranda”,  which at this point means beginning the steps towards dry walling the entire interior.   Should brighten it up considerably.

That also means framing out and trimming out all the little issues.  Along with making a proper second entrance to the attic.  Instead of just sliding things in between the studs.  There will be no more of that.



Once more trying to use up some of the cedar off cuts.  The pulls are off an old sewing machine cabinet.


And now you know why I haven’t had too much to say.  It’s just more of the same.


Oh,  and I almost forgot.   Yes,  “The Wolf” went in to The Company that Cannot be Named today.   She’ll be there most likely for the rest of the week.  

It’s not a “big secret” anymore.  Too many people read the blog it seems.



That’s all I got.


Keep it between the ditches.


Thanks for stopping by.