Thursday, November 27, 2014

For the peeps.

So I’ve been sending out emails,  making phone calls.  Texting.  But there only remains the blog.

T.C. came through her surgery yesterday morning just fine.  She opted for a version of a local anaesthetic,  even though she was fearful that she’d hear some sort of “chain saw massacre”.  However, the Doc assured her that they’d mix up a nifty cocktail that would either put her mostly to sleep or erase the entire event from her memory.  Seems to have been effective.  Plus, then she didn’t need to have a general anaesthetic which,  as we all know, can present its own set of issues.

Anyhoodle,  I’ve been hanging around the hospital for the last couple days.  Yesterday (surgery day) was a bit of a long one,  as we had to be there by something like 6:30 a.m.,  and the only thought that I had was, any time we have to be up and out the door at that hour or earlier,  there’s usually a flight involved.  Preferably to some place warm.  We only got to go to the hospital. Bah!

She has a “pain pump”.  I think that was the term they used.  It’s a method of injecting a morphine derivative directly into her IV.  Seems it only really takes the edge off,  and she hits that sucker about three times an hour,  or depending on what little event might be coming up,  like physio,  then it’s about ten minutes before any moving about. 

I mostly sit and read,  just to be there with her,  since the pain drug tends to make her sleepy.  That’s kind of a good thing,  as she was able to sleep the entire night through last night.  I don’t think I’ve ever made it through the entire night when in hospital.  Mind you,  it’s been about 20 years since I’ve spent a night in a hospital, so I’ve forgotten most of that experience.  Probably just as well.

They’ll be punting her out tomorrow afternoon,  providing that she can demonstrate that she can manage at least a half dozen stairs.   That’s her passport out.  And that’s only because we have stairs here at home.  Why did we let that slip out?

So I’ve got the cane,  the walker,  the various other gadgets.  I think we’re good to go.

And really,  using a walker?  Probably something that should be practised ahead of time.  It’s like rubbing your head and patting your belly.  It’s a certain skill set, with a very steep learning curve.  Just my two cents.

A walker is provided for her in her room, as she did have to use it a couple times to shuffle into the loo.  Well supervised I understand.



No pictures today.  Nothing of interest to photograph.   Did you want to see more snow falling??

I didn’t think so.


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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Cookies for breakfast.

I actually considered it.  For at least a few seconds.

But considering I woke up at some time after 2:30 this morning with just a wee bit of heartburn, most likely from eating too many cookies last night,  I decided to maybe have something else for breakfast.

A couple nights ago I had been rummaging through the cupboards for something,  anything to snack on.  There’s usually at least one cookie to be found.  I’m not big on chips or popcorn.  Can’t eat just one chip so I don’t even start,  and the kernels from the popcorn tend to get stuck in my teeth, so that doesn’t work either.

Of course, *thinks* I did drink maybe a couple glasses of red wine.  Right.

Red wine and chocolate chip cookies = heartburn.

At least in my case.



Anyway,  as I was preparing our salmon for dinner last night,  Travelling Companion thought she’d bake up a batch of cookies.  Alrighty then!


Here’s the salmon,  by the way.



Hey,  if I bother/remember to take a picture,  it’s probably going to appear here.

The deal with the salmon is,  grated garlic and basil mixed in with some olive oil,  which gets basted on top of the salmon,  then approximately twenty minutes an inch on the BBQ.  It also tends to cook in the olive oil.  Pretty damned good.   Of course,  the salmon has to be fresh, at least for us anyway.  No “fishy” smells.  And it was.  Bought it earlier that day at Boffo's in Oakville.  Who now finally,  and partly thanks to our daughter,  have a website.  Gotta have an on line presence!  Couldn’t convince the previous owners of that,  but that’s a whole other story.


Not much happening today here at the Ponderosa.  The original plan was to head off to Kingston for the day for a “confirmation”,  but we started to think about the possibilities of T.C. picking up something from some snotty nosed person somewhere,  maybe in church,  and we just figured that wasn’t a risk we were willing to take.  Heading in for surgery while fighting a head cold?  Probably not advisable.  We’ll stay home.

There’s one last appointment with the Doc who did the “Stress Test” last week coming up on Tuesday,  and then Wednesday is knee fixin’ day.   We have to be at the hospital all bright eyed and bushy tailed ready to jump on the gurney at 6:30.  Um,  not me.  Just T.C.

There’s no word on any hint of a cancellation,  so I’m guessing this one last appointment is some sort of information thing.  I think we’ve already pretty much signed everything we have to.  I even had to sign up as the “Caregiver”.   Ya, I’m in.
What ever.


Oh right.  I did do one little thing up in the “Veranda” the other day.  See, it’s all done on the outside,  but I have a ways to go when it comes to getting it all spiffed up on the inside.  But that’s OK,  I can just plug away at it.

There will be some milling of trim over the next little while.  And it’s not exactly anything I can go to the local lumber supply place and cart home either.

This was kind of a two day deal.  Mill the piece to fit,  put on a couple coats of finish,  stick it in place with some really good construction adhesive,  and there we go.



Needs to be under pressure until the adhesive cures.




I guess that’s about it.  Not sure what’s coming up for tomorrow.  If I want to start on the next big thing,  I have to sit down and draw up some plans.  Gah.

Not my favourite thing,  that’s for sure.


Supposed to warm up a bit this week,  but we’re not on the flood watch like our neighbours (or maybe “neighbors”?)  just across the border. 

The snow is already gone around here.  I’m not the least bit heartbroken.


Keep those sticks on the ice.


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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Good thing for Youtube.

Or I would have been heading back to Costco.

First of all, I’m not very trusting when it comes to after market parts,  and how they’re supposed to fit “according to the list”.  Which is the reason why I didn’t buy a pair of wiper blades for the Merc when I first saw them. 

My actual agenda was to pick up a couple new smoke detectors. 

When I was making the rounds a few weeks back at “time change”,  I realised that there was one that I had installed in 2000.  It was still working.  I think.  Tested OK,  but they’re really only meant to be around for 10 years or so. 

So I put it on the list.

There’s really is no list.  Which is why it was “several weeks ago”.



I don’t expect you to make sense of that picture above.  I’m just showing it because, that’s the instructions.  There’s no other language there,  that’s all English.

And the only reason that I bothered to open the instructions was,  each detector came with this tiny little pin, and I couldn’t figure out if it was of any significance.

It wasn’t. 

Some sort of “tamper proof” pin.  Whatever.  I’m not going to be tampering with the bloody smoke detectors,  otherwise why would I bother putting them up?

Anyway,  I think there’s some CYA going on there, because they explain everything.  Like,  dead spots.  Apparently there are certain places where smoke doesn’t go? 

Doubt it.

Anyhoodle,  while Travelling Companion was in for her “Pre-Op”  (and it did take a couple hours) I went back for wipers.

Damned if I could get them to fit.  Or make sense of all the little extra pieces.  So I just figured I was beat,  and would call up the place where I got our oil changed,  and take my lumps.



But wait!  There’s the internet.

Didn’t want to order anything from any of the online vendors,  but there was a video.  Bit of a lousy video really,  but there was a hint there of a part that I didn’t realise I had.  And that was the thing.  So the new wipers are on the car,  and I didn’t have call anyone or possibly go to the stealership.


While I’m here,  have you seen what’s going on in Buffalo??

Again,  let’s go to Youtube.  They say they might get up to SEVEN FEET of snow.

Holy cr*p!



Gotta love that “Lake effect snow”. 

T.C. and I experienced that phenomenon once,  but that’s another story.  I’ll never again stay at a Day’s Inn,  and that’s all I’ll say about that.

Wuz the winter of ought one. 

But let’s not go there.


Keep your trousers done up.


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