Monday, September 29, 2014

Weekend on the water.

Not the whole time, mind you. But considering I left for the boat on Saturday morning at 8:50 a.m., returning at some time after four in the afternoon.  (Not sure, really) And then did our usual “Fall Series” race on Sunday,  there wasn’t much room for too much else.

I just might have got a wee bit too much sun on the Saturday,  as it was one of those totally cloudless days,  and even though you might *think* you’re using sunblock and trying to stay in the shade of the sail,  the water does a good job of bouncing the sun all over the place. 

It’s not like I was totally fried or anything,  but I did have that “hot head” thing going on.  Just drank copious amounts of water for the rest of the evening.



At the start of Saturdays race,  I was pretty sure these guys were going faster than any of the boats,  since the race committee had set up the start line in a bit of a “hole”,  and it took a bit of finagling to get over the start line.

This was a “Pursuit Race”,  with boats starting at ten minute intervals.   We damned near used up our entire ten minutes,  which didn’t bode well for how we faired later on. 


Our destination.  The CCIW tower off East Hamilton or thereabouts.

You can read the brief definition here if you’re remotely interested.  Let’s just say we didn’t finish in first place?  Meh,  my lunch was good.


Anyhoodle,  Sunday’s outing was a little shorter,  but no less painful,  as the wind died on the final leg and the crew mutinied.  Well, I’m pretty sure I was the cause of the uprising, since lack of wind for sailing is right up there with waterboarding in the torture department. 



Dead as a fart.  And that was before the race.  It got worse.

There comes a time when you have to simply declare, “No mas!”

We radioed in that we were retiring,  which was like opening the floodgates,  since three or four boats decided to pack it in almost immediately.



I guess they were waiting for someone to cry “Uncle”. 

We discovered that the engine wasn’t getting sufficient water,  so we opted for a tow.




Unfortunately,  I know exactly what to do.  This is as a result of boatloads (oh,  there’s a bit of a pun) of experience in years gone by with a motor that wouldn’t run.  Need a tow line hooked up?  I’m yer man!

This particular incident was just a bit of a fluke though.  We haven’t had any rain in a while, so the harbour is a bit clogged with crud,  so we figure some of it got into the intake.  That’s as near as we can figure anyway.

When I left the boat yesterday afternoon (had to get home to cook burgers) the skipper was still attempting to back flush the thing.  I haven’t heard otherwise,  so my guess is he was successful.

We’ll find out next Sunday.


We’re still having some crazy good fall weather.  Fingers crossed it holds on for a while,  even though I’m curious for a good rain storm to experience the new roof and eaves troughs. 

I’ll suffer the drought though.  I don’t mind.


Thanks for stopping by.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Summer Weather.

It’s just too bad that we didn’t get more of it say,  back in the summer??

But I’ll take it.

The summer weather was less than ideal,  but it’s best we don’t rehash any of that.

A couple more jobs have been sorted out in the last several days. 

First of all, I figured I had better take one hard look at the chimney on Saturday,  which was right about at the point when I had just about given up on hearing from a Masonary Dude whom Travelling Companion had contacted. 

I guess I was getting a little fed up playing phone tag with various outfits,  so I very summarily left it up to her.

Well,  it didn’t take much convincing to realize that the entire chimney structure was basically pooched.  I’m pretty sure this goes back to a chimney fire that took place way back in the eighties at some point,  and that was likely the beginning of the end of the thing. 


The cap was in sad shape,  and ultimately water was able to get down into the structure from time to time. 



So,  a commitment was forthcoming from Masonry Dude to have a crew here first thing Monday morning,  and sure enough, they showed up right on schedule.

They spent the entire day,  like until well past quitting time,  since the mandate was to get it done all in one day.

Which is exactly what they did.



Honestly,  I haven’t gone up to inspect.  And there’s a good reason.

See,  when asked about when the new roof was going on,  my response was, “Any minute now.”

The roofers were scheduled to show up on Monday morning,  which was part of the reason for the slight panic.


They were pretty good when it came to dealing with surprises,  since there was plenty of roof to work on while the brick layers were hard at it.

That’s what, phase three?  Or maybe phase four?

All I know is,  ye olde bank account is starting to get a bit anaemic.



And that’s because we went with a steel roof. 


So now it’s starting to look even more like a house that was transplanted from the Old World. 


Oddly enough,  I don’t seem to have a side view.  Not with all the panels on anyway.

These are the steel panels here..



It’s tricky to walk on the roof now,  as stepping into the middle of the panel is not a good idea.  Supposed to walk on the front edges.  I’ll have to practise.

Or better yet,  maybe I’ll never need to go up on the bloody roof ever again?  That would work for me.  The thing is warrantied for fifty years.  Not too sure I’ll be around by then.

The squirrels made one attempt the very first morning after the installation. 

There was only the one.

I didn’t hear any little furry tailed bugger plummeting to earth,  but they sure don’t fling themselves onto the roof directly over our bedroom anymore and scamper about.   Man that used to bug me!  Worth the extra expense right there!


And I think that’s all I got. 

I have another little project on the go,  but I’ll leave that for the next time.  Whenever that might be.


Keep it between the ditches,  and thanks for stopping by.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Back to normal farting.

Well, and normal eating too I suppose.

See,  when you’re doing a certain kind of “prep”,  you’d best not stray too far from the facilities.  Plus,  don’t even think of letting off any kind of pressure.  Perceived or otherwise.

You’ll be sorry.

You may recall that I had a little visit back in the spring with a particular Doc who quite often gets behind in his work?  But tries to “rectify” the situation?   

I got a million of them.

The thing is,  after that little visit,  it was determined that muggins here had to present himself at the Oakville Trafalgar Hospital outpatient cattle call/waiting room,  all prepped and ready for yet another anal probe.

Fun times,  let me tell ya.

Actually,  the event itself is kind of a non event really,  since the whole prep business is just about one of the worst tortures known to man. 

Forget water boarding. 

Just starve a guy,  and then make him take a couple tablets of Dulcolax,  followed immediately by a special glass of something called Pico-salax.

It’s exothermic!   Oh ya.  Gotta wait till it cools down.  Although,  I mixed it with cold water to start with.  What a witches brew that sh*t is!   Wowsers.

Then watch what happens!  There’s usually two or three “courtesy flushes” if you know what’s good for you.

Ever been to Niagara Falls? 

Try to imagine it coming out yer….well,  never mind.



Anyway,  it’s all good.  Nothing was malignant or anything.  I think they like to have you in the hospital in case things go a little south?  It was fine.  Five polyps!  Seriously?   A couple of them were a little on the large size too.  I watched most of it,  but must have missed a few bits,  since I was surprised at the final count. 

They give good drugs.  Of course,  that meant no alcomohol for a couple days,  but hey!  I lost five pounds!

Travelling Companion had to chauffeur me home.


So I was kinda going a little nuts today trying to catch up on a couple things.  Managed to pull a muscle. 

In my ass.

Don’t you hate when that happens??

It’s one of the ones you need to keep you from falling over,  so literally a pain in the butt.



I did manage to put a couple coats of finish on some trim that I’ll be installing up at sister-in-law’s place.  Spent the rest of the time up on the roof.  Looks like we’ll be tearing down the chimney and rebuilding it before the roofers come. 

When I say “we”,  I don’t include me in that equation.  Too big a job for one guy,  so I have someone coming first thing Monday morning with his crew to get at it.  It’s gonna be a bit nuts around here,  since the roofing company said they’d likely be showing up on Monday as well.



My bad.  I’ve neglected to get this sorted out,  and now I’m under the gun.  Has to be done in the name of marital tranquility,  shall we say?


That’s all I got.   Wish me luck.   Enjoy the rest of your weekend,  and thanks for stopping by.