Friday, April 22, 2016

Chainsaw Arm.

Which is not a medical condition like, Morton’s Neuroma, by the way.  It’s the pain that comes along two days later after hanging onto a chainsaw for what was not a very long period of time at all, I thought.

Apparently it was long enough.

And of course, as it was an affliction that didn't happen until two days later,  it took me at least a couple minutes to realise just why my arm was complaining the way it was.
*thinks*.  Maybe that’s why my back was complaining too?


Anyway,  we’re back to this. 

And the arm is fine once again,  by the way.

That whole “weed and feed” thing is a bit of a mixed blessing,  since I'm pretty sure I'm the only one around, in this neighbourhood at least, who has had to cut the grass so far this season.
I did the usual to the machine.  Changed the oil,  sharpened and rebalanced the blade, cleaned the air filter and put in a new plug.  Had one left over from the pair I bought a couple years ago.  I got two seasons out of that last plug, but this time around the electrode was worn away just ever so slightly,  so I punted it out.

Topped ‘er up with fresh fuel,  and it started on the first crack.

And I noticed that,  even though I “look after” this machine, it has started to show a few scrapes here and there.  I'm guessing it must be the concrete edging around the garden at the side of the house.  It’s not like I’ll be rushing out for some touch up paint or anything,  but I was ever so slightly taken with the amount of wear that I've inflicted on the thing so far.  It’s only three years old. 

A while back (like last year?) I might have mentioned that I bought one of those crazy assed vibrating/oscillating tools?  This particular one is called a “Sonicrafter”, made by Rockwell.

Anyway,  as there is very little kerf on the blades that this thing takes,  they do tend to burn up pretty quickly,  so I thought I’d order some from Amazon.  Heaps cheaper than the Chinese made ones available at Home Despot or their ilk.

I mean,  let’s be clear,  they’re all made in China.

They look like this.

The tool looks like this.

I was somewhat taken by the address.

Check it out.

Um. Ya. 
I got the last bit.
I guess it’s better than trying to read the characters.

The fun part is,  the package actually arrived.  Well,  these people  seemed to know what they’re doing,  and there was no “Pigeon English” involved.  Usually a good sign.

The last two things I ordered directly from China through Amazon never did arrive.   I got my money back for the one item,  but never did see the couple bucks that I paid for the second.  

They were using USPS. 

Think about that.

Note that on the address above there’s a honkin’ big “CA” up at the top?  Well,  that’s probably because these folks realise that I do in fact live in Canada.  Them other two chimps?  I don’t know what they were thinking..  “USPS”  from China isn't going to cut it.  Or at least, the lack of any parcels coming from China with such a shipping method would tend to indicate. 
I don’t know,  maybe in some other dimension,  there is some way to ship USPS from China to Canada. 

But not on this planet.

Oh,  and they wanted me to take down my negative review.  Right.  Well,  if you can figure out what flippin’ country I live in,  then by all means.


Funny too,  any of the “one star” ratings on Amazon (too bad there’s no “Zero stars”)  has to do with lousy shipping.  Seems it’s kind of hit and miss. 

I’ll stop now.

Enjoy your weekend.

But as I do say from time to time,  “Every day is Saturday!”
(Except I won’t be caught dead in the stores on the weekends.)

Keep yer stick on the ice.

Thanks for stopping by. 

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Nice to go outside.

Without shivering and shaking “like a dog….”

Well,  as an exercise in propriety,  I won’t finish off that expression.

Although,  today there’s a bit of a breeze that tends to make it at least jacket weather.  But whatever,  it was pointed out to me this morning at breakfast that it seemed that I had gotten a little more sun?
Which is not to say that I was out lounging in the sun with a book in hand.  You just have to out there.   The “UV index”,  which I rarely pay attention to,  has been pretty high these last few days. 


Of course,  it may have something to do with being out at my sister-in-law’s place for all of the afternoon yesterday taking down a tree.

Now don’t get me wrong,  I was only there to help.  You know,  pull on a rope now and again. 

That kind of thing.

Me,  "at the end of my rope”.

And yes,  I do wear some sort of safety gear.  My brain is going to mush as it is at an alarming rate,  
I certainly don’t need to speed up the process by getting bonked over the head.

Anyway,  that’s my nephew Dan up a tree there. 

Naturally,  his Mom really didn't want him up there,  but I did remind her ever so gently that he is indeed a fire-fighter around these parts,  so rappelling and scaling things isn't beyond the scope of his abilities. 

Plus,  I had a tree service type Dude come to our place and do some trimming while we were away in Maui,  and that was a thousand bucks.  I did negotiate the removal of our sick and dying plum tree that used to be on the corner of the property for that price,  but still,  an entire tree? 
We’re talking several thousand here.

And it’s not like out in the woods where you can just cut ‘er down and yell “Timber!”. 
These be “city trees”.

She has a couple more that are looking not too well,  including an ash that looks like it’s been set upon by the wrenched Emerald Ash Borer.

Anyhoodle,  while the boys were off to the transfer station with all the narly limby bits,  I fired up the chainsaw and cut up the remaining pieces.

Yes kids,  I can still operate a chainsaw. 

Preferably while firmly planted on the ground.

Probably should have left my hat on.  But the compressor makes quick work of errant sawdust on the pate.

Anyway,  it was a hickory tree,  and once we get the wood split up at some point in the future,  and it dries out of course, it should make for awesome firewood.

I didn't seem to have any problems sleeping last night. 

Funny about that.  

Not really surprising.  Also somewhat surprising was that I didn’t really have any aches and pains this morning.  Maybe that comes tomorrow?  I guess I’ll find out.

And that’s all the fun that can be had here at The Ponderosa.

Oh,  and I did get some news back for the good folks at Amazon.  They had refunded the money I had paid for that receiver as of Monday,  and I checked the bank account today,  and that amount has been duly credited. 

Good for them.

Now I have to shop for a new one.  Gah.

Thanks for moving your eyes back and forth.

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Seeing Sparks.

Once upon a time,  having bedding that was say,  “200 thread count”  was all hip and cool.  
Or something.  We had to have it, so I didn't argue.

These days,  it’s entirely possible to have sheets and such that are 1200 thread count.  And yes, this does seem like an odd thing for a guy to know, but unless you’re living in a hut somewhere and sleeping on a straw mat,  you know this.
Admit it. 

Besides,  if you’re living in a hut somewhere and sleeping on a straw mat,  I'm not entirely sure why you’d be spending your money on an internet connection instead of something half decent to sleep on. Get yourself a better bed!

Anyway,  on the very same night that the DVR for the security cameras crapped out,  Travelling Companion further added to my confusion by stating that she was seeing sparks come off the bed.

Well,  unless you have a ground strap running from your big toe down to a water pipe somewhere in the basement,  you’re bound to create a whole heap of static electricity if you rub your hand across bed sheets that are 1200 count!   I kid you not!
And,  it’s a just a little bit odd.
I didn't really keep trying it until what’s left of my hair was standing on end, as I was more interested in going back to sleep,  but I was reminded yesterday morning of my lack of personal ground strap when I took the aforementioned fitted sheet off the bed.  Ouch!

Oh and,  even though I sort of "poo-pooed" the idea of 1200 count bedding,  between you and me,  it's really,  really nice.

Meanwhile,  the issue with the Lorex security camera DVR has been resolved.

A new DVR arrived Wednesday,  after I had called on Tuesday to enquire as to why I hadn’t received an email requesting a credit card number.  Seems it wasn’t necessary.

So the new DVR is up and running,  but then I had to spend some quality time (insert sarcastic font there) with a tech in order to be able to see the cameras on the PC.  I still haven’t set it up for T.C.’s Ipad,  but I’ll get there.

To be fair,  the tech was very pleasant,  and did an awesome job.

Considering that this device came in its own dedicated box,  I somehow suspect that replacing these things is maybe a bit commonplace??

Just a thought.

I managed to screw up the order of the cameras,  but it doesn't really matter.

Still haven’t heard anything from the good folks at Amazon.  I’ll not order a new unit for downstairs until they’ve put the money back on my card for the one I sent back.  I've been shopping for one for a couple years now,  so a few more weeks isn't going to make my head explode at this point.   Not going to “cross the streams”.

I think that’s all I have in my pea brain at the moment.

Thanks for stopping by.