Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Happy Canada Day.

For those of you who give a rat’s tiny behind. 

Well,  I suppose we’re all fairly observant of each others special days.

There’s usually some sort of sentiment of patriotism involved.  I’m thinking we could probably do with a slightly bigger flag, but I was quite pleasantly surprised to find that one.  I might just have to pull the trigger on something a little more substantial.



There was no way there was going to be any holes made in the cedar siding, so I was able to simply wedge each end of the string in each of the two windows.  Part of the cache of having actual operable windows.  For the first time in something like 40 or 50 years, but let’s not go there.


Of course,  there are others who have put in slightly more effort.



Ironically,  we have a flag of Austria that’s bigger,  but that was for one of our Viennese themed dinners once upon a time.  Travelling Companion prepared boiled meat.  And I realise that doesn’t sound overly appetizing but it’s good,  trust me.   There’s a pretty good description here.


We had a bit of a nasty blow over the weekend,  which only really meant that I made sure to cut the grass ahead of time,  and then had to go out and round up all the tiny tree branches that had been blown to the ground.


I guess there might have been a few downed branches in other parts of town,  but in spite of possibly grumbling about what the city doesn’t do,  and we won’t get started on that here,  they do indeed seem to keep after the trees. 

There are very few power failures as a result of downed trees,  and a limb or an entire tree coming down happens very rarely.  Unlike say Toronto, or worse Vancouver,  where trees are somehow sacred and should only come down when blown down by Mother Nature.  Quite typically on someone’s car or worse,  their house.

Even better,  now that we have a roof that doesn’t leak (yay!) I rather enjoy a good rainstorm.   Well,  except of course that one thunder clap at some point early on Saturday morning (I think it was at least) that had me come clean off the bed.  That had to have been right over the house.  And as a matter of fact,  there was a house in Welland that got struck,  which then started a fire in the attic. 

That’s never good. 

I’m kinda hoping that metal roof program would mitigate that possibility.  I hope we’ll never find out.


We’re just getting ready to head out to an annual “Can-Am” gathering that was supposed to take place on Saturday.  See aforementioned weather issues.   Today looks more promising.

Keep those sticks on the ice.


Thanks for stopping by.





Tuesday, June 30, 2015

I’ve let it slip too long.

And I apologize.  Especially to those who check in here from time to time,  thinking I might have something worthwhile to say.

As if.

Life goes on.  There are a few things that happen, but it’s mostly the “same old”,  so I tend to leave the blog alone.  Tomorrow, (‘cause tonight I’m feeling a bit “rode hard and put up wet”),  I’ll throw up some pictures and maybe add a word or two.

Thanks for your indulgence.

I’ll be back.


And thanks for looking.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Well, that was a day.

I’ll just post a couple pictures, and you can figure out how we spent our exciting morning.



Now the thing is,  we posted the ad to say that we were starting at eight,  and of course,  there are always those who show up early. 

I have to say,  I was a little crusty.  When you ask,  “Am I too early?”, and you know full bloody well that you are, (7:15?  seriously?) you might expect to get a slightly terse reply.

Oh,  and we were duly warned about the old ladies.  They’re the worst.  I don’t mind haggling, but don’t be a pain in the a$$.

Anyway,  it was fine.  Really.  Not many people haggled.  Still seemed to be left with a lot of stuff,  but the upstairs room is just about cleaned out. Well,  of the stuff that’s not supposed to be there.

Managed to sell off my old single stage dust collector,  a couple palm sanders and an old drill.  All very old tools,  and worth every bit of the two bucks or so that I got for each.  Well,  a little more for the dust collector,  but I was happy to see it get trundled down the driveway.

Palm sanders are pretty much an abomination,  and I simply refuse to use them anymore,  since it doesn’t take much to make parts of me ache,  so I sure as heck would just as soon not go out of my way.  Besides,  I’m thinking I need a new random orbit sander, much like the one we bought for Daughter Number One’s household.  I had sander envy right around Christmas time,  but whatever.

Garage sales are way too much work,  as far as I’m concerned. 

Gawd,  seems like we were at it for days.  Pricing things.  Hauling out cr*p er,  I mean,  fine outstanding sought after items.    It’s all about those fine outstanding sought after items.  That nobody actually buys. 

I’m always surprised though at what people do buy.  Fake flower arrangements for example,  or as I like to refer to them as,  “dust collectors”.   Does that count as a segue?  Maybe not.

Had three of them.  They all went.  Full price.  I’m not kidding.

DVDs?  Not a one.  Guess everyone watches Netflix,  or one of their brethren.  Or they download media files.  They are among the things that won’t be going to the Reuse Centre.

That’s the deal,  see.  Once it’s outside for the garage sale,  it can never come back into the house.  There are some exceptions,  like the DVDs.  Oh and,  my little camp stoves.  Need some serious money to dampen the sentimental value.  Everything has a price,  and sentiment is pricey.


Now I’m starting to ramble.  And not saying much.


I’m out.


Thanks for stopping by.