Friday, September 26, 2008

Golfing in the Netherlands.

Did the little trek up to Carelshaven to cancel our reservations for dinner tonight, and unlike the other day when it started to rain as I was almost half way there, this time I realised that I needed a little more in the way of clothing. Just a wee bit cool this morning. So I tried not to let my nose run too much when I went in the place.
As you can see, it's a pretty swanky joint, and they do serve terrific food, all the while with the intent of taking gobs of your money.
When I initially did a search for the place on ye olde internet, I didn't seem to come up with their own site, but one of the travel advise type of websites, which didn't list a phone number. Turns out I don't know how to do a web search after all, and that I could have in fact called them, and saved myself the trip.
But a little bike ride is never a bad thing.
While waiting for the young lady to get off the phone, I noticed a pamplet concerning
this place
and decided to enquire about what the golf scene was all about around here.
Now, before I go on, I should mention that, when we were in Denmark a few days ago, I went to a club and did a little investigating. It was a very nice private club, and the secretary told me that in Europe, one has to be a member of a club in order to have reciprocal privileges. It can even be a club anywhere in North America.
He did though, tell me that there was a pay and play type of place a few kilometers away, and Gabe and I checked it out on the Saturday morning. Seemed to me like they kept their greens nicer than the private guys, but what do I know?

So here's the Dutch version of things.

You need to have a license.

I certainly hope that she was simply unable to come up with the correct term, but what she meant by that is, you need to have a proven minimum handycap. I think she said it was 35, which seems generous. That's to keep the idiots and looky-loos off their fairways.

Hm, I ponied up some dough for some old gal that was collecting for the handycapped the other night. Somehow I don't think that counts though.

The pitch and putt arangement is open until the first of December, so we'll try to get out there and check it out.
Pretty sure we'll have to break down and take some lessons.

I should also mention that, I originally started this entry as a draft on Friday, and that was as far as things got.
Managed to get out and cut the grass, since there had been two actual days of dry weather, so it looks half decent again.

Long story short, we finally did get the phone call from the train station in Hengelo and flew off to pick up our weary world travelling visitors.

Time to make a whole slew of fresh plans.

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