Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Seems fitting

For some reason or other, we were looking for brown sugar
yesterday at Dink's, and they do in fact sell the stuff, but there was a big space on the shelf where it would normally sit.
So this morning, I figured I'd try C1000, and this was one of the types they had to offer.

Pretty much couldn't help myself.

I also discovered that, if I get my arse out to the stores around eight a.m., there's nary a soul to be found. Parking lots and bike racks are empty, product is lined up and ready to go. Nobody at the check-out.

I thought maybe there had been an emergency evacuation that I missed.

It would seem that after the hoards of school kids are out the door, all the housewives take a few minutes to tidy up and then hit the stores, because by 8:35 when I emerged from C1000 with my little bastard sugar under my arm, the parking lot was almost full already.


I stopped by the doctor's office to check with the receptionist as to whether all was in order for Gabe's next appointment, and they seem to be well on top of things. There was some blood work done yesterday morning is all, so no need to get all panicky.

It's raining today as was predicted, however it rained yesterday morning and not one meteorologist had offered a hint of that happening, so we're hoping they blew it for today as well, and the sun will emerge later on.

Our ever adventuresome guests figure they might pedal up to Goor today, but since I've never been, I really couldn't say whether it was worth the trip. Kind of like pedalling from Burlington to say....... Stoney Creek.


I guess I always need a destination, whereas they don't mind the ride.

We'll see what happens.

Seems they'll also have a few laundry items to get washed. Turn up the volume when you play this video and you can appreciate just why I'm just so in love with our washing machine.
I might have to go down by the canal and beat their clothes on a rock.

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  1. I was expecting to see the cat pop out...lol!


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