Monday, August 6, 2012

When your job kinda sucks.



Although,  once you get used to the smell,  I’m sure it could be a fine way to make a living.   OK maybe not.  Forget that. 

We used to see them when we went to the races.  Busy busy!   Cleanin’ out them shitters.



Please indulge me as I hark back to a cherished moment in film making.




Probably best to move along.

Just another day here in good ole Wienerland.  A little on the hot side again,  but I suppose better hot than insufferably cold.  We’ll go with that.

Made a little discovery in this morning’s rag.  Turns out I’m not as mixed up as I thought I was when it came to getting on the train.

See,  back a couple years ago (I guess it was)  I had to go out the office of The Company that Cannot be Named (or, TCTCBN as you well know)  for some reason or other,  either to drop off the car?  I don’t quite remember.  Maybe it was the time T.C. forgot her glasses?  All I do remember was,  standing on the wrong platform and watching the train come in on the other side that was headed for Vienna.  Of course,  even if I could have hoofed it that fast,  there was no way I could have gone down the stairs,  under the tracks and back up the other side to make it in time.  Nor did I really want to.  There was another train in a half hour,  and I was in no hurry to get anywhere.

I just thought that was odd, was a little annoyed and slightly perplexed, and chalked it up to being rather inexperienced at some aspects of public transit.   I mean, there was one time there when I couldn’t find the stupid “I wanna get off here” button on one of the buses and had to walk about a half kilometre to get back to where I wanted to step off,   so if I make it to my destination on public transit without any unforeseen detours,  it is something I do consider as a minor accomplishment.



Do you remember seeing a couple photos of old cars that I took in Prague a couple months back?


Found it.  

See where the steering wheel is?


Remember how I said they used to drive on the left in Austria, Czechoslovakia and Hungary?   Well,  that’s been the situation with train traffic as well up until now.   They said in the article that the engineers were Englishmen.  Really?  Like they’re to blame.

They’ve decided it’s finally time to make the switch from the left side to the right.

I was on the correct platform after all!  Just in the wrong country!  Not a blithering idiot!  OK well,  let’s just not got there. 

I mean,  I just went up on the platform to wait for the train, I never would have guessed it would come in on the wrong side!  Who would?   Welcome to Absurdistan.   On second thought, with it being Absurdistan and all,  maybe I should have known.



There’s the article in German if you care to browse.  I’m sure the head of the ÖBB is really delighted to have his mug plastered up there. 


Other than that big news,  I got nothin’. 

There’s a trip to a hardware store at some point in my future,  but it’s just a tad warm out right about now for any gallivanting.  And I don’t even know if they’ll have what I’m looking for.  Might save that one for one of these days when I have a set of wheels.  Just a thought.   The air conditioning in the car seems to be still working just fine.



Hope you’re keeping cool. 


Be careful with your shitter.





  1. Always some fun things to write about. Hope you can keep your cool.

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  3. Heavens, I had trouble with the Metra system in Washington DC and coming up on the right platform for the train I wanted. Whatever would happen to me over your way. Hot here too but the humidity isn't too too bad.

  4. Ha! I totally understand where your coming from in the transit stuff. I'm from New York and that means Penn Station. I love when the hordes of people come to flock(just like birds!)around the the electric(?) signs to tell them where their train is to park. Then they jump fly and run to their spots. I only love to watch them cause when its your turn stepped toes and umbrella bashing gets wild. I hear this is when the picket pocket people come out to play. The other fun thing is when they switch trains on you when your not looking. After they put it on the signs,sigh. Fun ain't it?

    1. must have been a rift in the space/time continuum, as I thought you had removed the comment that had arrived in my email inbox. So confused.

  5. I have missed your humor!..glad to see you didn't lose it while I was gone!

    1. Yes well, toilet humour (note spelling there, Canadian girl) goes a long way with me.


  6. Living full time in an RV for the past 12 years I totally understand what it's like when the shitter is full.... Thank goodness we don't smoke, huh?

  7. Funny, really liked the Chevy Chase replay:)

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