Saturday, August 4, 2012

When dinner is a shell game.


Not going to get too carried away here,  but I’ll try and resist using point form. 

Started out with rain this morning,  and I only mention that,  ‘cause I took a picture!  Have to have a use for perfectly good picture.  Well,  it ain’t no pretty sunset, but it’s still a serviceable photo.   Or as I’ve heard said when referring to someone with obvious mental health issues,  “Functional”.  Whatever the heck that means.



You can see the little newspaper Dude on the corner there.  He always says good morning.  (well,  actually it’s Guten Morgen,  but then you should know that)   He has my Saturday paper ready for me before I get within 10 feet.  Possibly since I always give him a tip.  I could buy a paper in the grocery store,  but this guy is trying to make a living.  It’s all the same to me.


Now,  speaking of the paper.  (see how I did that?)  I did one of those snortingly haughty derisive kind of grunts when I read this article today. Use your imagination.




Have I not been bitching and complaining about the airport?   Well,  it seems I’m not the only one.


Turns out they’re going to have to redo a couple things.   The escalators are too narrow,  causing huge problems.   The handicapped access is practically non-existent.  There was a bunch of stuff.  Already some things are “Außer Betrieb” (out of order).   It just opened in June people!

You can peruse the article if your German is up to snuff.   I’m into my second glass of wine here.  Yer on yer own.

Suffice to say, they started planning this airport extension THIRTEEN years ago,  and it was supposed to be done in 2008.   There have been cost overruns,  sabotage (oh ya!) and other shenanigans.  And of course,  if you want my humble opinion,  the underlying problem can be attributed to the simple fact that,  IT WAS DESIGNED BY MONKEYS!    How many times do I have to say it!   Put me in charge dammit!   No wait wait,  I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy.  No thanks! It’s beyond pooched at this point.  It’ll be a few more years before they see the light of day.  And they wonder why some of these countries are having some issues?   Cripes!


OK,  on to the “Meatball surprise”.  

Basically,  that means that,  if you get a meatball,  I’d be surprised.

Once upon a time when I worked at a place called Mother's Restaurants,  we (they?) had a thing called a Meatball Sub.   Not everyone’s cup of tea,  but I liked them.

So when I had some left over pasta sauce with a few meatballs from last nights humble offering,  this is what you get.  


Bread (stand-in for a sub) + sauce (with hopefully a meatball) and some stretchy cheese.   It actually has some German name,  but I won’t bore you.  It’s stretchy.  That’s all you need to know.


Not sure what happened with that one up there on the right.   Hadn’t had one sip of wine at that point.   I ate that one though.  I never serve the rejects.


Oh,  and all the vegans can just pretend there’s eggplant under there or something.   *shudder*


Try and keep your dinner down.


Thanks for stopping by.




  1. I much prefer your rejects to eggplant. And what ever happened to quality. It doesn't exist anymore anywhere. Our friends with a brand new motorhome are pulling their hair out with all the things that weren't done correctly or were done sloppily. So ridiculous.

  2. Yep...I'd eat the reject over eggplant also! They look yuuummmyyy even the stretchy cheese!

  3. Oh my gosh... you have a certain way with things - for sure. Cracked ME up!

  4. Loved your meatball dinner. No offense from me, I'm a second generation vegetarian. I eat the cow that ate the grass... ;c)

  5. I'm wondering what the picture of all the fancy dancers has to do with problems at the airport. Maybe if they quit having balls at the airport they might be able to get some work done??? Just sayin'

  6. Oh oh. I guess I should have clarified, but I was trying to be brief, before the full effects of the wine kicked in.
    In typical pompous fashion, they had a big "Grand Opening" type of thing back in June when they opened that new section of the airport.
    So that's the reason for the couples waltzing. You know, that whole Strauss thing?

  7. Work ethics are not as they use to be. 'Out of order' already!!


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