Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Not a real word.  Just the way Daughter Number two used to say “Vanilla”  when she was quite young.  Pretty sure she doesn’t do that anymore. 

It’s been two weeks since she was here.  She had to go back to work today.  Or as we are known to say,  “Bake to Hork”.   Long story.  I think I told it.  Once.  Maybe twice.   Just one of the little mysteries of working with folks whose first language isn’t English. 

The deli where she works doesn’t open again until tomorrow after a two week shut-down,  but there’s a lot of stuff to get ready. 



Just had to include the pic I took late yesterday of the State Symbol.   You’re welcome.

So,  what’s up with the Panilla?   Well,  I’m running out.  We shipped a container of Vanilla Extract when we moved over here,  just because we threw a bunch of stuff like that in with the kitchen goodies,  not realising that some items would be hard to replace.   I’ve managed to find baking powder and baking soda,  but the other day I thought I’d try and find Vanilla Extract. 

No dice.  Nope.   No such thing in Europe.  Well,  except maybe on the Air Force base up in Ramstein or something.  Not quite sure how I’d get on base though.  Could be a slight problem.



So,  there you see our dwindling supply of Vanilla Extract on the left,  and the stuff I think I can use on the right. 

Since my baking abilities are on about the level of Grade Seven Home Economics,  I’m never really too sure just what the hell I’m doing,  so replacing ingredients can be a bit of a crap shoot.  Never been a big gambler either.  And it sucks when you have to turf something out when it comes out of the oven looking like something out of a 50’s horror flick.   We haven’t had too many Blobs lately,  but still.

I suppose at some point in ones life,  you get to ask your Mom just what the heck you’re supposed to do,  but mine has been gone for more than a couple decades.

So instead,  we have THE INTERNET!   Yay!

This is what I found.

Vanilla sugar is when a vanilla bean has been added to white granulated sugar or confectioners (powdered or icing) sugar.  The bean is cut in half and buried in the sugar, covered, and left for a week or two to allow the vanilla to permeate through the sugar.  This vanilla sugar can be used in place of regular sugar and adds a wonderful vanilla flavour to desserts.  To make vanilla sugar place a cut vanilla bean into 1-2 cups (200-400 grams) of granulated white sugar or confectioners sugar and store in a covered container for a few weeks before using.  One tablespoon of vanilla sugar has the flavouring power of 1/4 teaspoon of vanilla extract.

OK then.  We’ll see how that goes. That last sentence is really the only one I was interested in.  It’s only for a bit of flavour when I make banana bread,  so what could possibly go wrong?    Don’t answer that.


That’s the big news for today.  Hope you were sitting down.




Oh and,  I SO want one of these for working on the house. 



No smarmy job segues either.  That crappy one from yesterday will have to do for the entire week I’m afraid.


The force isn’t with me today in the humour department.  Sorry.  Can’t rely on Chevy Chase everyday.


Thanks for stopping by.




  1. Gee we have too good here, vanilla extract is every where. I'll just count my blessings today. Vanilla in banana smells good!!!

  2. Order a vanilla bean on the internet, buy some vodka. Put bean in vodka and wait...a few months. Great vanilla extract. The real thing, not artificial :)

  3. hope your 'vanilla extract' works out!, along with the banana bread!!

  4. Good luck with the baking experiment, I am, of course, clueless on such matters:)

  5. I've seen this before and went looking for it... Keep in mind I have never tried this but.......!


    1. We (well, my wife) did this experiment a few years back. It works just fine, but she left that jar at home. Some things you just can't ship.
      I'd have to make my own. Haven't seen vanilla beans around these parts, but then again, I haven't really looked.


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