Thursday, August 6, 2009

President I'm yer Jimmy Dad.

Just a couple random thoughts on some of the cr*p we have to endure on the TV over here. Seems the news mongers think we give a rat's tiny behind about some guy in the middle east who clearly is in need of a shave.
Shouldn't we be sending these people razors?

OK so, this guy ....... gets "elected"....(wink wink, nudge nudge) and a bunch of towel heads are protesting in the streets.

And somehow I need to know this?

(seems to be getting that thumb awfully close to his nose, isn't he?)

Isn't the supreme towel head the guy who's really in charge? Isn't that why they punted out the Shah?Ya....that guy.

Personally I'm not sure I could wander around a hot country like that with a towel on my head, unless of course there's some way of getting and keeping it wet.

Maybe that's it! I've figured it out! It's to hide from your enemies!

Get the towel wet and wrap it around yer noggin'!

OK so, shopping list for the care package we ought to be sending these guys.

(hey, I'm trying to be generous here)

1) Razor blades.
2) Fresh towels.
3) More of those GPS tracking device remover thingies so they don't need so many towels. Note glowing red object in Arnold's schnozz.

No shaving cream, they can dry hell with 'em.

Now while we're on the nauseating presidential theme, this story reminds me of a more recent development, where three "tourists" were captured on the border between Iraq and Iran.
All I want to know is, what were they doing there? What were they thinking?
Same here....there are some countries you need to stay away from. Unless of course, you don't mind if they decide to keep you.

What makes you think you're so special?
"Oh I'm an American Journalist....I can go anywhere!"


Is there going to be a list of damsels in distress that need saving? Who decides?

I guess if they were my two daughters then yes, I'd certainly be concerned. But I think I would have been more concerned much earlier on when they started to show signs that they were total retards.....

This is a very strong argument for teaching your children throughout their formative years that in fact, there are some things that you simply cannot do....

Such as...

1) Dash out in traffic without looking...
(how many times have I seen hapless parents telling their children to "stop", only to have their head strong little miscreant do what ever the hell they want anyway)

2) Go to foreign countries and think you can do whatever the blazes you choose.
(I've been in a few "foreign" countries so far, and I've really tempted to just slap some of the visitors I've seen. Honestly! What? You don't like it here? Go home!)

3) oh...I could just go on....

Now that I'm in a thoroughly pissy mood, I'll leave it at that.

No travelogue today. Sorry. Maybe tomorrow.


  1. Bob, the Canadian government has made it painfully clear that it couldn't care less about the fate of Canadian citizens held in foreign countries. If you are being held in a foreign jail, being tortured, and seeking help from your government to overturn your sentence.....forget it. No Bill Clinton types in Canada.

  2. I honestly think I would sooner rot in a foreign jail than suffer the embarrassment of having to be rescued by any former politician. (and the embarrassment of having ended up there in the first place)
    As hideous as it may seem, just because you have a Canadian passport, you shouldn't necessarily count on us coming to Bananastan and hauling your sorry butt home. At least this North Korean junket was not government funded, or at least that would be how it appears.
    I'll settle down now, and try and stay away from controversy...


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