Friday, June 5, 2015

Not the day I had planned.

And that’s not to say I had any big plans.  I’m not a big planner,  so to speak.

Anyway,  things have been fairly quiet around here since getting back from our “Guys Weekend”.  I should say though, that I’ve had a “beer moratorium” ever since getting home.  There are quotas after all,  and I’m pretty sure I met and exceeded mine for at least a week or three.



The above sad looking thing is my daughter’s car.  It’s an 04 Saturn Ion.  It’s hasn’t been a terrible car,  but I’ve had better.

Well,  as some of you may be aware,  GM has had a few issues with recalls in the last well, forever,  and there were three recalls that were “urgently needed to be addressed”.  

I’m paraphrasing,   but you get the idea.

Oh and,  when inquiries were first made about these recalls,  none of the dealerships had any parts. 

Such a smooth operation.

So fine,  this was all sorted out yesterday at the stealership,  and today lo and behold,  the very next morning,  there’s a problem. 

I don’t believe in coincidences, so when the steering wheel won’t even turn and makes a horrid coffee grinder type of sound when you try to do so,  I think it *might* have something to do with the work they did on the steering system yesterday??   This is despite assurances from the “Service Manager”  that it couldn’t possibly be the case.


We didn’t choose to have the car towed back there anyway,  since whatever monkey was working on it,  is probably still working there,  and we just don’t need that grief.  So it went to a place where I actually trust the owner and the mechanic.  I’ve taken the Merc there,  and they do a fine job.

Bottom line,  I just don’t like dealerships.  There are too many monkeys running around. 

You can take issue with that if you want,  but I’m sorry,  (My Blog.  My opinion.)

I want to TALK to the mechanic who is doing the work,  and not some “service representative” sitting at some desk.  Do you talk to your dentist?  Or do you only talk to the receptionist?   Think about it.


Anyway,  we’ll find out what’s wrong in due time.  I can actually phone where we sent the car and not have to punch a bunch of numbers to try and get through to someone’s “mailbox”.   If I really wanted to,  I could wait a few minutes,  and the guy who answers the phone would put the mechanic on.  What a concept!


Oh and,  I’m not going to mention any “stealership” names,  but let’s just say that one of my “Guys Weekend” buddies just had a less than stellar experience there.   

We’ll leave it at that.


That’s my little rant.  Feel free to talk amongst yourselves.


I was going to talk about sailing on the new boat,  but I have some other stuff to do this afternoon,  so I need to put down the keyboard.

I’m out.


Thanks for stopping by.


Oh,  and I just hit “publish”,  and all seems to be right in Blog Land.   This is good.





  1. They always say it cannot be their fault:( I am with you on going to a place where you can actually talk to the guy working on your stuff.

  2. I don not go to "Stealer ships" unless I a,m forced to, to expensive and less than stellar work. My baby brother was a mechanic at a few and can attest to that.
    Local garage you get good service.


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