Wednesday, June 10, 2015

If you have a feather.

You could knock me over with it.

For the last couple of days I haven’t had too much to say except that,  I really should make sure to re-read previous posts before even opening Live Writer, since I was just a wee bit repetitive recently. 

I beg your indulgence.

I was just now out in “the shop” mucking around with the end cabinet, installing shelf supports,  that kind of thing, when the phone rang.


Much easier done if it’s on its side.


Having that handy dandy “call display” out there is certainly the way to go.  And who was it?  Why, it was the yet unnamed dealership where the defective part was installed.

Some lady.  Said her name.  “Leslie”?  “Lucy”? 

Doesn’t matter.

Had some paperwork in front of her.  Wanted to know if I would prefer to come and pick up my money,  or have a cheque sent to the house? 

Yes, I’m not kidding.  They came through.

I do recall reading something about the boss wanting to change their “corporate culture”.  I guess it’s started to trickle down.

Of course,  since I’d really rather not have to go back there,  I opted for the “send it to my house” program.  I did have to eat the extra cost of the tow,  but that was my choice.  I suppose I could have pressed them for the 27 bucks,  but sometimes you just need to call it a day.

She also mentioned in passing that the “regional warranty manager”  was by,  and had given the “go-ahead”.  See now,  this is why it costs you so much to go to these places.  How many freakin’ managers do they have?



So I’ll be checking the mail. 


Bit of an interesting day here at the Ponderosa,  weather wise.  Had some thunder and lightening,  along with a couple torrential downpours.

I hear they had a great night on the water last night.  I wasn’t out. 

Instead,  T.C. and I had stopped by St. Mary’s Hospital in Kitchener yesterday afternoon to check on my oldest brother who it turns out,  had had a mild heart attack some time towards the end of last week. 




Hard to pin it down in terms of when exactly things started to go south, since the symptoms were at first rather vague.  Not feeling quite right,  but then some pressure in his chest.  Took himself to the emergency in Goderich,  and they kept him there.

The heart Doc basically said,  “Usually when guys have that situation,  they keel over.”   I’m paraphrasing of course,  but that about sums it up.

Anyway,  that’s where we spent our afternoon.  They had him there for an Angiogram,  and it turns out that he’ll need bypass surgery.  Luckily enough,  even though he has a couple nearly complete blockages,  there was no damage to the heart muscle.   They put him on Plavix and ASA right away,  and he’ll have to stop taking that five days before the surgery, so it could be a couple weeks. 

Nothing much else new here at the Ponderosa. 

Well,  I did take care of a mouse that came out from under a cabinet in the shed the other day.  Gave me a bit of a start.  Hate when they dash out like that.


I have zero tolerance for them.  They crap everywhere, chew on things for no reason that’s apparent to me anyway,  and could very easily stay the hell outdoors.  It’s nice out!  What are you doing in my shed? 


That’s it.  I’m empty.


Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Hope your brother is ok, St Marys is a good hospital for heart stuff.
    Been there done that

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  3. Great job on the breakthrough with the Stealership. So sorry about your brother but he is one lucky guy. Good thing he got himself to the hospital in time.


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