Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Watching the show.

And glad it ain’t me.

It’s gone from a couple days of this:


To two trips today (so far) with this:


I guess it got to be too much, or maybe that was the plan all along?

All I know is,  they didn’t seem like folk I particularly wanted to get to know AND interestingly,  Travelling Companion was sitting in the living room late yesterday watching the gentleman loading his truck,  and at one point she said, “He’s dragging her clothes on the ground!”

(And now that I think on it, I had been referring to them as “The Lazy People” back in the winter.  Hm.)

Well now, that’s never a good idea.   Mind you, he wasn’t overly particular about his own clothes either,  but still.

That might just explain why they were having a little “set to” on the front porch at one point. 

Quite entertaining.  She wouldn’t let him in the house.  And was right up in his face

I began to think “unpure thoughts”  when confronted with the possibility of someone shoving their face that close to mine?  But,  when I saw what kind of an idiot he was, well then.  He had it coming.  Some sort of passive aggressive thing I’m thinking.

Act like a child, you may very well get treated like one.


Anyway,  like I said.  Glad it ain’t me.  They’ll take me out of here feet first I’m thinkin’.

No harm in trying to unload some crap along the way of course,  or at least store it properly.

Which brings up to the progress on the cabinets.

I’m here:


The drawer fronts are presently off and have had stain and finish applied.  They’ll likely go on tomorrow.

It takes me a while I realise, but the drawer fronts on the second one there were a “do over”,  since I was having issues getting the finish to come out the way I wanted. 

Number four has been assembled,  and I’ll start making drawers for it later tonight (doubtful) or tomorrow.  Maybe.

I’ll be tidying up by Thursday anyway, since I fly out first thing Friday morning.  By “first thing” I mean,  something like 6:45 in the morning.  We’ll need to haul it out of bed by like,  four thirty or something.  Geh.

For me to get up that early to take a flight,  I USUALLY prefer that it means ending up somewhere warm and sunny.   Not Calgary.

Mind you,  it’s 26°C there today.  But really, it’s all about the weather for the drive back this way,  starting off in Abbotsford,  where they’re calling for the high teens for Friday.    Meh, we’ll see.

I *might* take along my shorts,  but I’ll check again on Thursday.


As you can tell by that Robin who is trying his best to listen for a worm,  it’s going to be grass cutting time very soon,  so I may as well haul out the mower tomorrow and change the oil.   Can’t say I’m thrilled.

That’s it for this missive. 

Keep those sticks on the ice.


Thanks for stopping by.


  1. You're welcome to stop in for a visit along your way. We're just a 45 minute detour off the Trans Canada. Two empty bedrooms...

    1. Pretty sure we'll be heading state side right out of Abbotsford. Going for the shortest and most cost effective route I'm thinking.

    2. That's actually your best bet...25% saving sin fuel right off the top!

  2. Wow a road trip wish it was us too.
    Maybe later this summer we will head west!
    Have too much fun.

  3. The way the weather is up and down you might want to be ready for anything.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.


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