Monday, April 20, 2015

Coming out of hibernation.

Or at least that’s what it seems like.  There are just, things in the works.  Play dates.  That kind of thing.

I mean, grown up play dates of course.  “Track night”,  “The Guy’s Weekend”.    “Dinner Chez Nous”. 

And, I just got an email from the fellow I sail with,  to let us all know he bought himself a new boat.   Well,  new to him and us,  that’s for sure.

It’s a “Humboldt Bay 30”.  I’ve just been doing a little research on these boats,  and there were only six built between 1982 and 1984.  I also see it originally came with a Yanmar Diesel.  Sure hope that sucker has been replaced.  Those things are horrid.  Originally built as a tractor engine,  which is just fine if it quits out in the middle of a field somewhere,  but when you’re out on the water,  something a little more reliable is a good thing.



Anyway,  it’s a west coast boat,  and he has yet to have it trucked out this way.  Travelling Companion thought I should offer to go out and truck it back,  along with my sister. 

I declined.

Should be at the yacht club by the end of May.  That works,  I’ll be back from my out west trip well before that.



I’m still plugging away on the cabinets.  There are times when it’s mostly fun,  like when your plane behaves,  and all the shavings come off like butter. Or should I say, “Buttah”.

I always feel bad about sweeping them up and tossing them,  as if they should be going into someone's fireplace or something. 




On the other hand, I’m having some issues getting the finish just right.  There are no pictures of that.  I’ll figure it out.

I always seem to do better at the building stage than the finishing stage.  Lack of patience might have something to do with it.  And of course, having a spray booth would be awesome.

Not happening.


We had a fabulous couple of days towards the end of last week,  and then on Sunday (yesterday) I went outside in my shirtsleeves,  and realised the temperature had dipped again.  Back down to single digits.  (Like mid forties Fahrenheit)  That was a shocker,  especially since it was a beautiful sunny day. 

We’re at that point in the early spring,  when heading out for the day can be a bit of a mystery in the clothing department.  Rained today, sometimes quite frantically. 


I guess that’s all I got in my pea brain for tonight.  You can see the new camera does take some pretty damned fine pictures.  I’ll try to avoid having crappy ones from now on.


Keep your stick on the ice.


Thanks for stopping by.


  1. That must up the cost, shipping it to the east coast.

  2. Back down to single digits. (Like mid forties Fahrenheit)

    It's fun seeing my fellow Americans get confused when the metric system is used. When the situation is right I tell the ignorant that it's all part of a commie plot.

  3. The weather has been up and down , but still better that February. No heavy winter coats.

  4. That trip to retrieve your friends boat sounds like something Bill would do... (has done....).... maybe TC would like to get you out of the house for a week or so ;-)

  5. I like the sound of "Dinner Chez Nous". Sounds like you have a full amount of good times coming. Enjoy.


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