Monday, April 6, 2015

Lying in tubes.

It’s quite peaceful, actually.  With the exception of the guy somewhere behind me being quizzed about the tightness in his chest,  I very easily could have had a nice little nap.

See, today was “bone density day”.  Although I thought it was only going to be a “morning”,  it was more like a day. And as luck would have it,  my regular GP had scheduled a conflicting follow-up to the last time I was lying in a tube a couple weeks ago for a CT scan.  That’s the one where you drink a whole bunch of water first at home,  and then another three tumblers full of some mystery juice when you get there.  Takes time for the liquid to get wherever its supposed to go,  and I guess that’s the same deal with the today’s fun and games,  except there was some mention of an injection and gamma radiation.  There’s a pretty good summation here.

Anyway,  as it was neigh on impossible to get through to my GP on the phone,  Travelling Companion and I decided to just drive up there,  and I’d walk in and tell them that I wasn’t going to be there for my 11:20 appointment.  Especially since I had to be in Oakville for my 11:30 appointment.  I didn’t think it wise to try and much around with the Hospital appointment.  That would be a tad foolish.



T.C. trying to figure out why her Bluetooth doesn’t want to cooperate.


So,  we’ll see what the outcome is.  I didn’t turn into The Hulk,  since the Gamma radiation has a half life of something like six hours.  That procedure is certainly less annoying than an MRI,  that’s for sure.   But that was last year when there was a plan afoot to see if there was anything in my head. 

They didn’t find anything.

I suppose I could just go along and have this little annoying pain in my side for the rest of my days,  but it doesn’t seem to be willing to simply go away,  so I figured maybe some investigation was in order.   It’s like going down the rabbit hole,  since one thing tends to lead to another.  And in the end,  who knows if they’ll come up with a diagnosis?

I've been repeating this today.   I can’t seem to embed YouTube videos lately,  not sure what’s up with that.  Just click that link. It’s only 10 seconds long.


Hope everyone had a fine Easter.  Ours was awesome.  There was a bit of snow,  but it’s gone again.  No big deal.

T.C. was much more relaxed with any and all preparations she wanted to do,  mostly due to the no longer actively working program.  Seems to make all the difference.  There was Potica.  Best to read the description here,  if you're not sure what that is.

I think I have a pic.



I’d like to say I helped,  only because I did grind up some walnuts. 


I don’t seem to look too happy in that pic,  but that’s not really the case.  AND,  it’s not really “grinding” as much as “rasping”,  since that meat grinder looking thing (it’s really not) is actually a type of rotary rasp,  which works beautifully for rasping up a bunch of nuts. 

There’s probably a squirrel joke in there somewhere.

Let’s just move along.


It’s that time of the year again when it’s a good idea to get the bikes all spiffied up. 

That’s a word,  right?  You’ll notice that these bikes have rather elaborate chain guards? 


Seems they’re also pretty effective at keeping the chain clean as well.  Thing looked brand new. 

I’m going to see if I can get T.C. out on the bike when the weather warms up a bit.  There’s no particular place to go mind you,  but we’ll tool around the neighbourhood. 


Just noticed this on the way home today.


Talk about optimism.


Or maybe they think they’re betting on a sure thing?

The Jays are off to a good start,  but let’s not get carried away.


Here’s hoping for some warmer weather.


Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Warmer weather next week and then full speed ahead.

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  3. Sure glad to see that those tubes didn't turn you into a bright, red glowing lamp.

    Like the looks of that Portica.

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